Saturday, August 4, 2007

Profession Changes in the Next Expansion

Profession Alchemy & Herbalism - My Professions.

  • Alchemy Discoveries will be easier to obtain as Discoveries.
  • Random Recipes at Vendors instead of camping a vendor to get a specific Recipe.
  • Changes to reduce Alchemy Transmute cooldown time. Yeahhhh.


  • A few New Recipes in patch 2.3.

More on Inscription

  • Inscribe Spells and Abilities with power (Modifier) onto Character Weapons/Armor.
  • Ability to craft completely new items.

Alchemy & Herbalism changes I like to see in a Future Expansion

  • Alchemist should be able to craft more BOP Alchemist Items for Alchemist. We can make potions and elixirs and transmutes to no end but we can barely craft anything worth while with all that power that we can Actually use our self as a usable item. Just one Epic Alchemist Stone that's all.
  • Need more Debuf potions. There is only one that I know off currently (Gift of Arthas).
  • Some Potions, Elixirs & Transmutes are almost useless, should be revamped for more interesting and usable items.
  • Alchemy have a Elixir for every spell class except Holy Spells. Why not? Should have one for Holy damage increase just to be even with the other Elixir spell classes.
  • Herbalism is totally passive. Herbalist through their abilities should be able to discover new herb plant properties or evaluate new herb properties over time as a true Herbalist. A Alchemist should then be able to mix or test brew the new crafted item possibly into a newly crafted & usable potion or elixir of some kind through some dynamic and random fashion. A new item.

  • Need more new kinds of Fishes to catch in the Ocean, Sharks too and Epic Fishes of some use.
  • Fish should give new Buffs when cooked, eaten or health effects & oils if refined into Alchemy or Enchanting Oils of some grand use in crafting professions.
  • The ocean should be littered with random treasure boxes that can spawn nice lootable items guarded by Sea Mobs.

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