Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just being really busy this week and tired from the Job and having some deadlines stuff to get done before Friday this week.

Missed Monday night guild ZA raid, got confused on the scheduling since haven't logged in since past weekend. I was passed out tired from working all weekend at nights and having to do a hard switch from working at nights all weekend to back working days the very next day all this week on the Job which are 12 hour work days, plus a 3 hour commute each day.

Anyway, finally started to download the WotLK Beta Client last night. Its been downloading all night. I just checked it and its still downloading all the various patches.

In other news, I now have a Beta for Warhammer Online - WAR too. Imagine that.

Off to Work.


Ataris said...

I'll gladly test WAR for you *winks*

Gratz on getting to both Betas!

Galoheart said...

Will do when I get drop in the WAR Beta. Removed the emial.