Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WotLK Beta: Hammer of the Righteous

Think Coriel over at Blessing of Kings had asked on the Beta Forum in a thread she started if HotR Critted so went looking through every screenshot i took capturing my combat logs testing stuff. I can confirm that HotR does Crit as it did here when i was testing out Seal of Blood most recently when I was grinding on Rune Golems. Was using the green Quest dps weapon here and wearing the green Cobalt Set.

It did here back earlier on when I was questing earlier in zone in a screenshot, looking at that I was probably using my spell damage blade since it uses Weapons Damage. That's the only two times I've captured a screenshot with a HotR crit. As far as i can tell don't seem to Crit any more often than any of our other attacks.

I was just retesting HotR to see if can see again in its bugged state. I was hitting a Frosthorn Ram and I noticed not only in the current form HotR can be Deflected/Blocked partially but I noticed I the hit was also Dodged so made sure I screened it for proof.

Retribution Aura:
Figure i put this here vs making another post. However tool tip at 71 say Retribution Aura does 62 damage to anyone that strikes. Combat log shows with my Enchanted Continuum Blade (161 Spell Power) that Retribution Aura does 112-113 damage consistently. When I equipt my quest green Coldstone Cutlass it does 101 damage consistently whenever it goes off. I changed Blessing from Might to Wisdom and it does not in any way seem modified by AP. Just Spell Power as with my spell blade.


argent said...

Which crit multiplier does it use? 1.5 (spell) or 2.0 (melee)?

Galoheart said...

I'm unsure at what rate it crits at since i only been able to see "Crits" on my screenshots from combat text. Its based off of Weapons Damage suppose to be doing Holy Damage to target(s) currently doing Physical damage.

Hammer of Righteous damage seems to vary even hitting 3 targets in 5yrs range though not by too much.

Not sure if it Crits at 1.5 or at 2.0 trying to find a previous hit of HotR when it crit to compare it. Not very often I see a crit either at my extremely low crit rate.

Will keep looking.

Galoheart said...

Been already confirmed over at maintankadin by others that HotR crits at 200%.