Monday, August 18, 2008

WotLK Beta: Quick Observations

Just quick stuff you notice in Beta, well at least that I observe.

1. Death Knights are everywhere, like a million of them many at +70.

2. Ever Paladin I see seems to be RET or Holy Spec. I rarely see a Protection spec Paladin anywhere.

3. Talk of RETs been OP and their high Crit kills dominate zone chat. Will RETs get themselves needed?

4. Almost ever Instance group seems to be in LFG looking for a Tank and Healer in zone chat. Uhhh but there are a million DK's in Northrend I thought DK suppose to be the new Tanks.

5. People at the current cap of LvL 77 are already Bored. Imagine that.

6. Almost everyone seem to wear Epics and you see lots of T5 and T6 at 70.

7. Almost all Hunters seem to have a Devilsaur for a Pet.

8. Server crashes is a constant occurance.

9. Massive Paladin Stanina gives lots of Spellpower for Tanks.

10. Protec Paladin grinding is still slow, just more button mashing vs going afk in a fight.


Paedolos said...

I'm not really surprised from part of what you're saying. Many DKs around? Most Paladins not playing Protection? People looking for tanks? DKs not tanking?

Just looks like people still like the big number rather than taking the big hits ;)

Regarding people being bored at 77, I hope this is only since things in Beta are not implemented yet. I'm looking forward a fun leveling experience in Wrath, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Enjoy the beta :)
-- Paedolos

Galoheart said...

some people that got into Beta early hit the level cap really fast like in few days with leveling XP requirements low. So many were at the man level of 77 already as the devs work on implementing 77-80 which cannot be accessed as yet.

So some people are somewhat bored at 77 having flown through the zones doing just a few quests here and there. So few days ago Blizz increased the XP gain needed to level up by 80%. That really has slowed down leveling rate quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Death Knights everywhere and nobody tanking? I am shocked, SHOCKED!