Monday, August 4, 2008

Defection, A Weekend & Some Pew Pew!

Long Post:

Saturday we had a scheduled ZA raid to head off to do the first three bosses and make progress on the Lynx Boss. We had a scheduled officers meeting on the calender before the raid was to take place among our few Officers and for some reason that never took place.

When I logged in the meeting was already cancelled for reasons I was unsure of. At the same time one of our Officers a good geared Resto Shammy had a bit earlier quit and defected to the very top tier guild on our server. This was a guild I'm a bit familiar with and have several friends from running Heroics that's in the BT. I even know some their Officers. The one Sunwell guild we had on our server fell apart and is no more some many weeks ago.

However as far as I know the Officer that left never said in any way why she left or anything that I can tell. Later I heard it was slow guild progression, I can agree on that. But these are the same Officers who spend lots of time playing Alts as well and never said as much. At most Resto Shammy was always the guild mama and pretty chatty and in vent and guild chat. However my dealings with her has always been minimal.

So when I looked up the named Officer she was now running SSC with her new guild. I guess she was poached maybe or made a better offer who knows. The top tier guilds on our server are all loosing people for all kinds of reasons and in massive drive to recruit.

Not only that but one of our guild Officer who also main as one of our best geared DPS Warlock and Alt Feral Tank was not available and running SSC with our defected Resto Shammy Healer. I though how strange that was and yet it wasn't. Both the Resto Shammy and the younger Officer Warlock/Feral are often in vent together and somewhat tight, so at that point wasn't as surprising to see them both in SSC with another guild raid. Yet it was the very top tier guild on the server as well.

So as a result from earlier I guess this was maybe the reason the Officers meeting was cancelled by our acting GM since our real GM is a bit busy in RL with work and not on as regularly. Either way I just wasn't sure. So since we had a cancelled Officer meeting we started forming up for the ZA raid and now didn't have all the right people. Our Warrior tank (Acting GM) that signed up for the run was on earlier wasn't around. We were missing a Healer and one our best DPSer as well for ZA. The same Warlock also fills the OT spot with his Feral Druid in ZA as well as needed.

Our Holy Priest our best healer asked what I though about the Resto Shammy Officer leaving for another guild and then our DPS Warlock Officer been unavailable joining here both in SSC and especially unavailable for the ZA raid. I just said pretty obvious to me the Warlock is not coming back though he was still in the guild.

Eventually we formed up the raid and went and did the Eagle boss with a few other guild members that hadn't been to ZA before. Thus with a different raid makeup ended up taking three tries on the Eagle Boss before we got him down. Funny it was Boss dropped the same loot he dropped the last three times as well. We weren't able to do the Bear Boss due to short a Tank and the Dragonhawk Boss wasn't a option either. So we eventually called it a night for the ZA raid.

After that a few of us did a run of Heroic Botanica for some Badges. Somewhere during that run the Warlock Officer finished his SSC run and quit the guild then logged on his Alt Feral Tank and quit as well for the other guild with the Resto Shammy. Since I was running Heroic Botanica I barely noticed all that happened. However only noticed after when I saw a big wall of green Guild Chat text that it became obvious when the guild discussion turned to the top tier guild was poaching our geared members. But you know people make their own decision to leave as well as a choice irregardless.

I guess I knew that would happen as it did. Its sad how such things affects a guild, guild life and guild progression. No one person can progress for an entire guild as it takes team effort and geared members. But when one or two geared members are no longer there the effects are easily felt and can hamper raid progression efforts. I remember when both Officers joined the guild and how fast they got geared up.

Its sad as well to see them get geared up and leave. Maybe that was the plan, who knows. I can only be happy for them or any member in moving on to another guild they feel at home in their progression efforts. Such seem to be the life at times in small time guild city.

Sunday ZA Raid
Our raid did not get started on time yesterday. However we had both our guild Warriors logged on, not unusual either. One our Temporary Acting Guild GM and our Guild Mt Warrior. I had earlier signed up for the ZA raid since we did ZA Saturday night the Eagle Boss. Our Holy Priest schedules the ZA raids. Our guild MT Warrior wanted to go to ZA and asked me if it was ok he could go, I said fine sure be great.

The other Warrior wanted to go as well the Acting GM. So the MT Warrior whispered me that the Acting GM also wanted to go as well. It seems the though was they both Warriors needed gear from ZA to catch up in gear. Huhh???? That can only relate to me somehow as the only real Guild Full Time Paladin Tank. However I said fine about it and said go ahead and have a shot, I can sit out tonight anyway while they try the Bear and Dragonhawk Boss maybe.

The thing is this: Both our guild Warriors each run Kara FULL TIME every week full clear for one guild group each. They have just about every piece of gear out of Kara including just about all their T4. They get a full clear of badges Every Week! Though I could use gear in Kara, I have not been to Kara in months, nor do I ever sign up for Kara letting other guild tanks have a shot at loot to gear up when be. Both have more gear than me from Kara. I've only ever picked 2 pieces of Kara loot I wear and don't even own any T4 because it was always won by people that joined the guild and left short time after. Most my gear is mostly Badge gear and I have good enough gear that I don't need to really ever run Kara to say the least.

I only sign up for ZA raids and All Progression Raids. How could I possible have more gear than both Warriors or Badges to say the least to say they are falling behind in gear. Both our two guild Warriors Tanks also PvP actively and wear at times Full Gladiator gear pieces in every slot! Myself on the other hand don't PvP. I don't run Kara full clear weekly nor do I run Kara usually. They have all Kara gear already and I don't. I only sign up for progression raids and ZA.

I guess me picking up the Armani Shield & Jungle Stompers has caused some jealousy in both Warriors. I don't begrudge them both and never has EVER for having every single drop out of Kara, Side Grades on Gear, Off Hand Spec Weapons and FULL Gladiator Sets to say the least nor do I ever make it so. What the hell do I have?...... I wear Full Badge Gear in what I'm missing just run ZA and Guild Progression runs, without any T4 but don't ever cry a damn shit about it.

But it seems to come up now on ZA that they both Warriors are somehow falling behind on gear as often the defected Feral Druid was tanking as well at times in ZA at least the runs that I was in mostly. Now Imagine that. Their is not many things that irritate me to say the least, but that one assumption did irritate the crap out of me. Now you reader sure don't know me all this time for QQing with some Pew Pew do you? But I'm cool about it as long as this does not become a pissing contest and for me to have my first ever QQ in the guild or in WoW that is. So I just logged off and called it a night at that point.

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In Other Guild News
The Warrior who joined our guild just a few days ago that I did a run of Heroic Mech with to help him get some gear got kicked out the guild. Why do I remember this that made me pause in thought: Well this Warrior first run of Kara he signed up for got at least 4-5 Kara drops as major gear upgrades. The Trinket from Moroes dropped for him as well his first run, Moroes Lucky Pocket Watch. Hell it never dropped for me! But I remember it most because I let him have The Sun Eater running Mech just a few days ago to help him out hoping he would be a guild asset where it has never dropped before in almost a year of H.Mech. Such is my Life and Times.

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