Monday, August 25, 2008

WotLK Beta: Quest Green Weapons

If you want a idea of what kind of green weapons you get usable as a Protection Spec in the first few zones i been in so far well this is what I have picked up from questing. As I've done every quest in Howling Fjord for the zone and currently in Dragonblight questing.

I started with the Coldstone Cutlass obtained from quest in Howling Fjord. Then in Dragonblight the next zone I was sent to quest, I picked up Gleaming Iceblade and upgrade which has a slight icy glow on it. This currently is what I use questing and grinding as it works best with HotR and scale my mana/heals return on Seals with AP. I pretty much just packed my Continuum Blade in my bag and barely looked at it since i never really got it upgraded before the Beta. I'm thinking +20 Strength might be a good enchant as well as an option.

Other 1H Weapon I picked up in Dragonblight is the Bloodsmeared Brutalizer and Stronghold Battlemace from questing relatively in same area I believe it was. That's all the 1H Weapons I have picked up just about.

So if you want to compare that to what you can maybe pick up before WotLK from your Heroics/Kara/ZA, T5+ go ahead and check or IMO fair to roll on just about loot at this point before the exp. But if you run MgT I'm sure they are a few very good high dps Epic 1H pieces there as well to use in the first 5 zones till about 74-75 at least.

But for lvl 70-75 until you get Shield of Righteousness your mostly will be relying on Spell Power gear from tBC after that its pretty much shedding gear for WotLK. As Strength gives both AP & BV for Paladins on gear where more BV powers Shield of the Righteousness. And starting at 70 we basically have very little Strength at all for Protection Paladins. But along the way you will be picking up side grades of weapons on quests/instances all along the way.

A reader had asked what talent build I've been using, its that above currently. Before Instead of Divine Strength and Imp BoM, I had Redoubt/Shield Spec in Protection and Benediction in Ret. Judgements currently are useless as well. So far its just the feel but prefer this spec better with Divine Strength and Imp BoM to hit harder with HotR. Also adds BV (low current gear) and scale seal damage and effects which more than make up for reduction in seal cost IMO.


Paedolos said...

I'm wondering, doesn't the talent Shield Specialization also increase the amount of damage caused by SoR?

Galoheart said...

Your probably thinking One-Handed Weapon Spelization which increases damage with a one handed weapon by 1% for a total of 5% 5/5 and does affect SoR.

Seal of Righteousness (SoR) is in no way affected by Shield Specialization though.

Paedolos said...

Stupid me, I used an ambiguous abbreviation :/

I meant Shield of Righteousness. Since it deals 200% block value, I was wondering if Shield Specialization affects it.

Paul said...

That's why we use the acronym "ShoR" for Shield of Righteousness. ;)

Back to the question, and as far as it's been tested, Shield spec doesn't increase BV from Strength at the moment.

So that's eight talent points you don't need to spend! ;)

Jed said...

Wow, so we can basically ignore Redoubt/Shield Spec after 75? What about before?