Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WotLK Beta: Retribution Nerf Incomming

Yeah if you seen Retribution in Beta you sooner or later knew be a matter of time before they get nerfed. I haven't played Ret myself but i been up close seen and heard of the damage and Critts they do. I hate to see my class get the nerf bat from Blizz but really its just kinda expected from how things are in Beta. I hope Rets don't end up getting disappointed when it comes.

Good times just don't seem to last long and may be short lived for Rets in Beta. I may not play Ret but its still part of my entire class. So I can only hope Blizzard do Balance Retribution Spec right and not in the process of balancing Retribution end up nerfing Protection and Holy when we aren't got nothing to do with DPS gone wild. Hell Protection still need work.

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