Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Skinning & Mining for Dollars

Played on Krovon my Hunter a bit doing SSO Dailies and now Revered with SSO. Also went out farming later with the mind set to just farm something for some $. So was in SMV mining a bit and somehow stumbled my way into a Coilskar Cave in SMV which I had never seen before.

This place was really fun as a Hunter just exploring while mining and skinning the Cobras. Somehow had just missed this place the entire time in Outland. Anyway I really enjoyed exploring this cave and it felt like being in Colifang Reservoir. After a while of playing around there and exploring left with about a dozen Cobra Scales from the Coilskar Cobras there and in the area around it.

Sold all on AH for 35-40g made some nice profit by the next day. Though about this later then went farming in Western Nagrand on the Twilight Serpents there a bit and picked up another a few more Cobra Scales. Profit was good to say the least. These skins are profitable as a Skinner at least on my server it is.

My Hunter is a double gatherer and does it for the pure income aspect and quite enjoy it. I like having hard currency to play with from gathering. Did some more mining around Outland like everywhere and found it highly profitable as well. Adamantite Ore and other Ore sell well (On my Server) and made some more good profits on AH timing the AH market. Later sold my Blade of Wizardry I had picked up killing stuff around the BT area that I had stached in my Bank some months now. Sold it for a modest 1500g. All in all ended up the weekend 4000g richer in the Warchest for the weekend. Not bad for the week and weekend.

Badges of Justice
Ran some Heroics on Galo picked up another 8 so now up to 84 badges. May pick up two piece of Badge gear when I hit 95 the Bracer and the Guantlet maybe.


BigFire said...

while the place was great for mining, I never had much use for it on my protection paladin main. I simply kill casters too slowly to make a go at it. I can farm motes faster.

Now that I have a DPS alt (2 more days, and exalted with SSO), I supposed I can go and revisit it, except the frost mage is tailor/enchanter.

Celina said...

I stumbled upon that cave awhile back and posted about it too, how funny! Always nice to get some extra gold. I need to get back to farming again too.

Dorgol said...

There's an escort quest inside that cave...

Galoheart said...

Yeah did the Escort Quest, really good escort too, pays 22g or so.