Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Just Got Me A Beta Invite!

I was reading all over the place on WotLK Beta stuff on my IPhone at work and happened to check my email. Seems I have a Beta Invite that's been sitting in secondary WoW account email for the last 6 hours.

I almost fell off my rocker when I saw the invite to Beta. I read it a few times and it looks REAL from Blizz. But I'm still gona have to check Blizzards forums just to make sure.

Either way it's nice to get a invite to WotLK Beta, I hope. If it's for real not sure what I do with the Beta Key as yet.

Update: Email WotLK Beta Invite checks out as real. Woot!


Kaziel said...

Whatever you do with it, grats for getting it man. One of the lucky few. ;)

The Distracting Shot said...

First off, GRATS!

Now I was just wondering, are there going to be t4-t6 deathknight pieces, if you dont know im sure you know someone who knows, you know?

Galoheart said...

@Distracting Shot - Don't know what kind of Armor pieces will be implemented for DK at this point or as of yet at the raid level. No idea as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Grats in getting your Beta invite. I'm still waiting for mine :/

Cowcontroll said...

Having now said that, Blizzard would think it now funny to now send me a WotLK Beta Key.

Hehe they sure did Galo^^,