Saturday, August 23, 2008

Screenshots: WotLK Beta, Hunter Worm Pet

Exotic Pet.
In Beta usually aren't doing much on my Hunter but just mining nodes for Ore to get something crafted. Anyway So far in Beta I picked up a Crocolisk and a Worm both Tenacity Pets. Dunno never really like worms even in RL but kinda like this Worm as a pet with his armor Acid Spit debuff. He looks really cool underwater there like a serpent too. Seems to hold aggro pretty well. Having 5 Hunter Stable Slots be nice vs 4 in Beta that way you can have 2 of each class pets.


Paedolos said...

Looks like you didn't give it a name yet.

How about Shai'hulud? ;-)

Galoheart said...

No haven't given it a name since haven't thought of a good one as yet.