Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WotLK Protection Core Talents

Though I direct you over to Lore's Blog our most respected Tankadin at Maintankadin as he has a nice write up and some thinking on what he believes Protection Paladin core talents will be in WotLK. Much based on how things are shaking and setting out curretly with the talents in Beta which can yet change as we know it before WotLK.

You can read Lore's latest Blog entry on: On Bloating and the Core Tankadin


Ogscreec said...

Hi Galo
Reading your blog has inspired me to start one of my own. I hope i can be as interesting as yours. I wonder if you have any words of wisdom you can give me. I am also unsure of two things.
1) How to link items in posts
2) How to reword links so they say what you want but still go to the link e.g Here

Thanks for the inspiration

Galoheart said...

Thanks for been a reader and being inspired.

Hmm, best advice I can give you since your looking to start your own blog:

1. Well be yourself, don't try to be like anyone else.

2. Start and keep going but write something often and regularly.

3. Write about something your either good at, like to do, or can relate well to doing. But write about something you have a passion for. The more you have a passion for something the easier it is to write about it.

4. Be part of the community and read other blog and other places and contribute. Sometime in doing so you get ideas to write about things.

5. Your not here alone. Ask for help if you need it you need it or stuck. Everyone of us started from somewhere, some more earlier than others.

Most of all, have fun writing your blog and be your own best reader. If people like your blog they will stop by often they wont even tell you they read there either.