Sunday, August 31, 2008

ZA: Downed Boss Halazzi for a Guild First.

Took a break from Beta for the scheduled guild raid on Saturday night. We got the first 3 bosses and on the Dragonhawk boss the Bulward of the Armani Empire shield dropped again so our guild Warrior got to get it this time which was great for him. Then off to Boss Halazzi (Lynx ), we took a few shot at and didn't get him down mostly due to totems and new raid members.

Sunday night we went back to ZA before the reset and first and only try we got Boss Halazzi down all in one flawless shot and no one even died. Sometimes that's just wired when you one shot a boss and no one dies compared to before. Everyone was really on the totems. Warrior tanked the boss and I got to play with the Lynx Spirit. But we got the boss for our guild progression, so all great now being 4/6 in ZA.

We then went off to try the next Boss Hex Lord Malacrass even though no one really knew the fight or researched it as yet. We were just glad to get the Lynx Boss really. Was fun just to see a new Boss though. But boss ended up smacking us around pretty good with all that AoE damage just all learning the fight. He was even sporting my wings while he smacked us around for the first time. I'm sure to prepare with some research next time for Hex Lord.

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