Sunday, October 28, 2007

200 Blog Postings

I've managed to survive long enough blogging about my adventures in WoW to have done 200 posting. I never thought I would get though doing ten when I started let alone this many this long.

Faction Reputation Update:
Thrallmar - Honored (8458/12000) - Need Exalted.
Scryers -
The Shat'ar - Exalted.
Lower City - Honored (7276/12000) - Need Exalted.
Keepers of Time - Revered (2512/21000).
Ogri'la - Neutral (1025/3000).
Netherwing - Neutral (0/3000)
Cenarion Expidition - Revered (4070/21000).
The Consortium - Honored (6010/12000).
The Mag'har - Revered (8238/21000).
Sporeggar - Honored (671/12000).
Sha'tari Skyguard - Friendly (4112/6000).
The Violet Eye - Neutral (2175/3000).
Karazhan - Master Keyed


Augustian said...

Congrats bro, what are you planning on farming next?

Gwaendar said...

Happy 200th post and grats on the Bot and Sha'tar loot.

Galoheart said...

Not sure yet. Maybe knock out 2 more runs of SH to get Revered with Thrallmar and hope my Figurine of Colossus drops. Will keep running SV when can till my chest drops..if nothing else i'll get me Exalted for the attempt. Farm mech for a chest piece there and some optional things, though no reps to gain anymore at TK since Exalted. But will be fun to try. It all gives me gear options.

All in all i call it having fun.

Zerei said...

Grats Galo! Just how much more do you need to do? Seems like things are wrapping themselves up for you and the 5-mans.

Galoheart said...

Hmm, not that much really. Most I really need is the Chest piece form SV and one from Mech as options. Also need to start doing Heroics (SP) to get badges for my Libram of Repentance. My Libram is so outdated. If i can get the badges from Heroics that puts me at a few % short of uncrushable pre-Kara swapping in my Crystalforged Sword for more block rating.