Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Should Paladin's have an Epic Flying Mount?

If Paladins could summon a Epic flying mount I would want one like that, an armored Pegasus Mount. Dream on I guess. Stopped over at WoWinsider to see what's happening on the WoW beat and they had a breakfast topic that asks: Should every classes get their own flying mount?
Blizzard will be adding a few new mounts to the game but seem to be faction mounts at best.

At 40 as a Paladin I remember learning the spell from trainer to summon a Charger. Warlocks also learn spell to summon their own mount also just like Paladins. Man did that feel special and just fitted well with being a Paladin. I just could not see being a Paladin and riding a Hawkstrider or at 60 either. To me the mount identifies you with your class or faction. At 60 as a Blood Elf we get another long quest from the Paladin boss in Silvermoon to find, acquire and obtain certain items, complete quest in Eastern Plagueland into Stratholme to complete the quest which in the end allows you to summon your epic armored Warhorse + Tabard (Blood Knight). Yes it does cost money, its not free. It was just awesome. So does that mean at 70 when I get there we get a Paladin version of a epic flying mount? No such luck lad! Should every class have their own mount. Don't think so. Some class needs to remain unique for the reason they already are as such. Since Paladins have had to quest to obtain their own class unique mount in game Blizzard should just continue it for flying mounts. Its uniqueness to both the class as a whole. However if Paladins could summon their own epic flying mount what would you want it to be or look like?

I think a epic armored flying mount would just be awesome. A flying armored "Pegasus" I would have to agree would make a very fine and ideal mount. Its a horse and it would be the the epic flying version to our Warhorse mount. Dunno if that fits warcraft lore or not or even if Paladins flew in old warcraft around azeroth or just did they fly about. A nice long quest chain for mount as usual would be just fine to get plus the skill & cost to acquire. I'm all for a flying Epic Pegasus Mount just like in the picture above. What kinda mount would you like IF Paladins could have a Epic flying mount like druids.

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Chooditch said...

Couldn't agree more!

Paladins get their mounts through quests. Although obtaining the level 40 mount is very easy, I remember the satisfaction of getting my Epic mount after the rather lengthy quest chain to obtain it.

Why there's not a quest chain for a Paladin-specific flying mount is a question that will remain unanswered until/if/when Blizzard decide to consider this as a future mount possibility for Paladins.

The idea of a Pegasus-type mount is awesome!

Even if at level 70, you can only obtain a 'standard' paladin flying mount, and the epic version could be gained through quests or raid objectives. Or go one further, and say that at level 70, a normal paladin flying mount, and the epic mount available at level 80 in the forthcoming Lich King expansion.

For the time being, I need to get off off my butt and get my flying mount... So much gold to go... *sigh*