Wednesday, October 31, 2007

PuG Tales - Thrallmar Revered

Was back again to The Shattered Halls in a PuG group with some friends, just about knew everyone in the group. Was myself Protec Paladin, Warlock, Priest (Shadow), Mage, Shaman (Resto). Nice group setup for a Tanking Paladin. Group was doing run mostly for rep points with Thrallmar. So in two back to back smooth runs reached Revered with Thrallmar and went and picked up my Heroic Key for Hellfire Citadel.

Once on the run we ended up pulling all the mob group in front of us, both groups to either side of hallway and was one big fight. Was fun for sure! Was me and Shammy left and didn't look good and was first time ever I had to use Devine Intervention. Since I've never used it before took my mind a while to even find the button. Stuck it on the Shammy since he can rezz and it worked! He rezzed us all when things cleared up. Was fun run and group had fun and that made it all the better. The Figurine of Colossus did drop once again on that run but fortunately I picked it up the day before.

Did a run through Mechanar with some other friends from a guild I often group with to tank and was a fun run there as well. The waves of adds on hallway to last boss was fun as usual, we ended up running back to the elevator for that trick so it worked fine. The chest piece did not drop but at some point I'm sure. We didn't get to do a second Mech run but later maybe. I'm already Exalted with The Sha'tar so just doing it for the fun and hope the chest piece drops.

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