Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Alchemy Discovery - Flask of Fortification

It was only a few days ago that Galo received his 3rd Alchemy Discovery while brewing up a storm. So I was surprised like heck while again burning down some of my herb stock to make room in the bank when yet again received another new Alchemy Discovery. Another Flask (Flask of Fortification) that will be usefull to tanks raiding and whenever I get there myself. Per Auctioneer its 35-40g on my server whether it actually sells for that is something else. With that I've received some of the prime flask any tank need for adventures in raiding that I can make myself.

Didn't do anything special to discovery making this flask as its completely random. Just kept refilling my bank warehouse with new HIGH LEVEL potion stocks and using up herbs that taking up valuable space from time to time. Often I make some random & usefull potion or elixirs for sale or my personal stock. That's all that I have ever done to discover new random flasks as some people have said they have yet to have any discoveries of their own in alchemy.

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