Monday, October 8, 2007

Screenshots - Steamvault Boss Warlord Kalithresh

Dead boss Warlord Kalithresh. Another morning run of Steamvault, another good PuG group and this time its was smooth clean full clear run. Galo and his new shield (Tank), 2 Warlocks, a Priest and a trigger happy Hunter (Good Hunter & good guy). Made some more good friends :) Three cheers for good PuG's. Healer also made me look good. No one died on the run. And the vault refuse to open up and give Galo some loot. Maybe I need to rob the boss when he's not looking or something. Picked up Mask of Pennance since Galo only one wears plate. Will just throw the mask in my own bank vault. Picked up lots or armament for reps as well as complete the kill Warlord Kalithresh quest for CE. First time I forgot to get the quest. Herb farmed Ancient Lichen after the run was all over in the Instance.


Nibuca said...

Mask of Penance is #1 helm for healing set. Though I think it look hideous and can't stand to have it "turned on".

See here:

Graveluth said...

I have's not like my draenei face looks better :P

Zerei said...

<3 the purple judgement! :D

And bah, that bugger has 2 pieces of righteousness on his loot table! Work at it a bit more, you'll get some loot love!