Friday, October 5, 2007

Moving on to Guildless

A few days ago after some thinking decided to move on with Galo and go guildless for the time been. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do and move on for your own sake. My guild is really casual, got lots of nice people but the fact is very few people are ever logged on and only about 4 people were at 70 and never on as much either. Several are in their 60's but for the most part not many people are every on much these days like they used to. Galo was probably the most active person in the guild as far as making the daily effort to do something with his character and progress forward.

Much of my time is always spent in LFG and all my Instance runs are all PuG's so it already had the feeling of being guildless in some way always doing pickup groups. So I just decided to make a decision and move on! What ever happens going forward I can live with it and Galo will be fine. Maybe in time I find a guild more to my suiting but for now I'll just enjoy the freedom of been guildless and building up my tanking resume doing PuG's. At least I've made some friends doing PuG's.

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