Monday, October 8, 2007

PuG Tales - Mechanar

Another PuG group and another smooth instance run with Galo tanking his first Mechanar Instance run. Was Galo as Tank, 2 Warriors Arms/Fury spec a Shadow Priest and a Resto Shammy. Always nice to run with someone that's been there before as well as a good functional group and good healer (Shammy). We spanked all the bosses (5) and we clobbered "Pathaleon the Calculator" and picked up the 2nd shard to complete my Quest and key for Arcatraz. Actually Galo was having so much fun I walked out the instance and forget the shard, so had to run back in all the way to get it.

We had a few crazy mob moments after the boss Nethermancer Sepethrea with 4 waves of rushing mobs and a few more to Pathaleon. Turning in the quest (How to break into Arcatraz) at A'dal obtained my Sha'tari Vindicator Waistguard which was great to get. Was also hitting at times over 1K TPS (Threat Per Sec) which seems pretty good in just the gear I have but I think it usually average somewhere about 700 TPS usually in a good cycle. Also picked up Cloak of Arcanistry which probably will use for DPS gear. For Alchemy picked up Major Fire Protection Recipe off one the mobs one the mages maybe in the room before the pull with boss Nethermancer Sepethera.. Woot!

Anyway made a lot of friends from the run as the tank, also seem I'm getting more popular with the more runs I do for friend. Galo's now getting lots of whispers to come help with quests or Instance runs. All great though as sometimes I have to decline a invite as can only do so much at one time. Not many Paladin Tanks on my low population server either, as I've personally seem only 3 maybe and all in more progressive guilds. Spent rest of Sunday helping out the same group and a few other people swapped in completing tons of hard group quests in Shadowmoon Valley. Some quests I didn't have as yet, so some was shared that could.

However it was all just goodwill to help friends out for the quests they needed to complete since its usually hard to get anyone to help on group quests. That goes along way to having goodwill among friends as someone that don't mind helping out. In time that often goes both ways. Was going to attempt a SV or BoT Instance run later but was too tired from questing and end up taking a very long nap.


Gwaendar said...

BTW you can "cheese out" the 4 waves after the Nethermancer simply by jumping down the elevator before her. On my last run (which I described recently) we had a pretty bad group and this saved us a wipe or three. Except for our poor rogue who got hit a bit by one of the waves and actually died from the fall :)

Galoheart said...

Someone in the group did mention that as a failsafe idea if it looks bad to run back down the elevator. If it went bad.

One the guys did give me a heads up before the waves. So most i did was to always throw Avengers Shield on the incoming mobs and that way I tagged them all for CC while I dropped a consecration. At least it made it easier and one person to focus healing on so that seems to work.

Gwaendar said...


Our pallie tank just ran for it. Then again, multi-mob tanking never happened during the whole run, so it's no surprise there.

Pity the only decent prot pallies are found on blogs instead of my server.

Galoheart said...

Hope you find one on your server or become a good one your self. I'm very good at Soloing, just needed to buildup my experience in groups and seem like I'm past that now.

Actually blogging helped me to become much better playing my class. People leave you feedback comments which helps. However for the most, i really do a lot of RESEARCH reading lots of other good Paladins blog as well as the Maintankadin forum which all helps. Even read other class blogs which all helps in the end.

Gamer Mommy said...

I have yet to step inside Mech. Still very new to all these instances I have to choose from. :)