Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend in Review - Adventures in Puging

It has been a really busy weekend! Galo spent a lot of time building up valuable experience in the Tanking Corp or as I rather like to say as a Tanking Specialist. So let me see if I can even remember what when down.

Did some more Tempest Keep run for Acatraz all in PuG's but with some friends I've run with before that needed some help for reps. After that some of the people in the group needed to do some Black Morass (BM) runs for reps and I went on my first BM run (finally). We laid the smackdowm on "Aeonus" and all his Rift Lords and crew for about 4 times in a row. We never wiped, but we almost lost the very first event due to a bit untimely heals on the tank within the first 12 sec's of the last boss. Immediately released and ran back in quick as everyone went down and ran back in to revive the healer while everyone else later ran back in to the event. Luckily we had good control of the adds before, so Medivh shield started at 100% and was now down to like 30% at the time.

Back on full health/mana with healer rezzed started tanking the "Aeonus" the boss and popped the last beacon. Group was also back in time to help and we got the boss down with about 7% to spare on Medivh Shield. Good fast recovery I call that. We spanked him for the next three runs. Was allot quicker with just keeping up Judgement of Crusader and Seal of Righteousness on the bosses with a nice rotation of Holy Shield and Consecrations. Always find hitting Holy Shield and then when the quick global cooldown is up hitting Consecration put them all in constant sync for long fight.

Needless to say for BM all nighter runs on Saturday got Revered with Keepers of Time. Went spent some gold and picked up the Continuum Blade, Timewarden Leggings, Heroic Key and the Glyph of the Defender enchant for the head piece enchant. Was a busy night!

Sunday did a some Sethekk Halls so Galo could get his own key for Shadow Labs from the final boss which we did get. Then tanked for the healer a friend that needed to do his Kara key quest in Shadow Labs and I reluctantly tanked it as much as I hate to go to Shadow Labs. I had the same Kara key quest as well so we completed that quest. Then we one shot both Vorpil and Murmur the 2 bosses that gave me the most trouble there. As usual the 2nd Boss in Shadow Labs gave us trouble we wiped 2-3 times there just having almost no mana and used all 10 mana pots I had on that boss. Burned down both Vorpil & Mumur both quick with just keeping up Judgement of Crusader & Seal of Righteousness.

On Murmur again having enough health I just tanked him in place to make it easier and had the priest heal me through it as I popped a Nightmare Seed right before his Sonic Booms for priest to top me off. That strategy had worked every time (3) so far but then again I had like 11k health doing it. Its just strange and funny how some days the bosses that can give you trouble there can completely flip around and with a different PuG group.

Was back in Arcatraz to help out another PuG group on Sunday for which I thought it was a Botonica run so I could maybe get my needed shoulder piece and the reps. Had three people in the PuG group raiding Kara on full time basis. The Mage newer at 70 in group and also had a Hunter. I happened to be the only person with a key for Arcatraz. This seem to be common on a lot of my Arcatraz runs and I'm not sure why. Its also amazing the amount of people that don't use Threat Meters either. Anyway we had a good run of Arcatraz again up to the last boss event. On the third and final trash wave before the Harbinger Skyriss one the trash the dragon looking one with the lance hits me with two solid knockbacks one after the other straight across the room to the other end. I got no heals for the entire time. Tank dies... we wipe.

Then right after in graveyard the healer gets mad and says why I keep moving out of range. Duh!!! I said to the priest healer, he trash mob kept hitting me with knockbacks. Healer goes: "Nonsense, you move out of my healing range". I'm like dude.... I was airborne two times no way I can airborne myself across the room. He didn't say much after that. I'm not going to tell the healer how to do his job and that he needs to stay in range to heal vs not moving at all. Forget to screenshot text of chat. Last I need is to be on bad terms with yet another PuG healer and this one is a Kara raiding healer with epic gear.

So we all rezz and back to the trash wave event on the last boss cleared it and now to the big boss Harbinger Skyriss. However on this very event Harbinger Skyriss was in rare mood this time for no nonsense! He FEARED the ENTIRE fight from beginning to end! We had two Kara raiding priest in the PuG group one healer and one DPS spec and myself been the Paladin tank with a Mage and Hunter. I was all over the place been feared every few second literally as well as everyone else. We just wiped badly. The group quit after that because the two priests had to go to their raid and so rest that was left of group just called it there. Adventures in Puging.

Spend a few hours in between Shadowmoon Valley & Netherstorm grinding constantly killing evil Elf's for Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes. Took about 6 hours of dedicated evil Blood Elf eradication and on turning in all my Sunfury Signets and Arcane Tomes Galo is now completely Exalted with the Scryer's. Yeah! As a result went to get and upgrade my shoulder enchant for the Greater Inscription of the Knight enchant. My gear is not bad. Its as good as it could possibly be currently pre Kara with the correct enchants and every single socketed gear gemmed until something else comes along better for upgrades.

Spend the entire rest of weekend farming to replenish constantly consumed consumables like buff food for tanking, endless mana pots and consumed supplies. Needless to say I was in constant gear repair all weekend. As much as it is fun tanking sometimes is a thankless job. Did get some gear enchants, gemmed some gear for upgrades. That adds up to allot and any savings I'm managed to do for a few days is totally gone.

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