Tuesday, October 23, 2007

WoW Players: Hardcore, Casuals and What Else?

If your neither a Hardcore player nor a Casual World of Warcraft (WoW) player, then exactly what are you and what category are you?

I'm not a Hardcore player. Yet neither do I play WoW casually. I log at least minimum 30 hrs a week just thinking. Yet I don't consider myself a Raider either and though Epics are nice I'm not all crazy for them either. When I'm playing in game its all about consistently and progressively playing my main character daily for improved gear, quest fun and improving faction reputations. I spend more calculated time reading WoW blogs of other good players that play my specific Class and WoW more so than some casual players actually play the game itself.

I have a few alts but I have no love for playing alts it just does not appease me to play any of my few alts which are all barely level 20. Alts I just use them as banking depository. I enjoy playing my Paladin. I guess in playing my Paladin main character its a commitment to "Galo" whenever I do play to be consistently progressing my character in some way. Yet the question remains..... what definition do you give to a character if your neither Hardcore or Casual?

I think I remember it was Tobold on his blog says their are two kinds of people that play WoW. What category exactly am I? By what metric you define just exactly what makes a player Hardcore, Casual or Other (Progressive Players) Maybe?


Gwaendar said...

You, like me and our ilk, are called dedicated.

We spend a significant amount of time in-game but don't really do hardcore endgame content. We strive to do our best at whatever we do, come to PUGs prepared with all the necessities including pots and reagents, know our job, read about the instances, improve our gear, work on arena, farm money and rep.

We just don't take part in the activities of the catassing few. And that sets us apart from the hardcore group.

Jess Melton said...

I normally consider myself a casual player but like you I do not really fit the mold. I read blogs, play about 20-35 hrs a week, and have a few alts in their 40's in addition to my lvl 70 main.

I suppose the main reason I consider myself casual is the mindset behind 'hardcore.' I solo'd to 70 and all my alts are solo. I have only ever done one instance (in a group, have gone back and done a few of them solo just to see what they were about) and I didn't think it was all that great of an experience. I like having good gear, but as long as I can fight and not die on a regular basis I am happy with what I have.

So I figure I am much like you, more than casual and less than hardcore. But to answer the question, when asked I usually say casual, but dedicated (as the above poster postulated) sounds good to me.