Friday, October 5, 2007

PuG Tales - Do Your Job & I'll Do Mine!

When a Tank and a Healer is not getting along that Instance run aren't gonna happen as you want it to. When you have enough time to tell someone else how to do their job, it makes me wonder just what the hell are you doing. Yesterday a Hunter I spoke to before asked me to Tank for his Botanica run. Hey great, never been to Botanica before and I have a heck of a lot of Shattar Reps I need to get. Sure no problem. I was in Netherstorm questing anyway so I was close by.

So the first thing I heard him said after joining the party was "I really don't know how to heal" in party chat. Maybe he was joking or maybe not, but being the tank I'm all too conscious of any healer saying that joke or not. Anyway the group was me as Paladin Tank, 2 Hunters, a Rogue, and a Healer (Holy Paladin). So I'm a bit neutral in my thoughts giving benefit of doubt. Only person been to Botanica before was the Hunter that invited me the day before.

This one healer seem to keep telling everyone what to do as if how to play their class. At first I barely paid it notice. As the tank I have enough things to worry about and doing my job tanking. I saw the text log when the Hunter told the healer "Don't tell me how to play my class" It was amuzing! But I'm too busy doing my job to focus on that. Then healer proceeded to tell me. "Nooo don't throw the Shield". What?? Then he keeps telling me how to do my job. Wait a min. I'm tanking and your healing, who's the damn tank here. We made it to the first boss Commander Sarannis. We almost wipped a few times getting there also. However we down the boss. I constantly had to cleanse myself (Decursive) and others vs the healer cleansing me or anyone else. We start making way beyond that to 2nd bosss to all the plant mobs and such. We get a nasty pull along the way after the big open area. Lots of mobs and I'm getting hit and notice barely getting healed. Thought, maybe late on heals from healer.

Tank dies.....we all wipe right after and rezz at graveyard back on land. In this time this healer (Holy Paladin) proceed to tell me how I should of tank and that I could of used one of my bubbles so I could heal up. Huh! I was like wtf? Dude your the healer, I'm not gonna bubble in middle of a fight in a Instance its your job to heal. I barely have mana as it is. And even if I could of use LoH its on cooldown since I was questing before the Instance in Netherstorm and its one time use to 60 min cooldown. He again kept telling me WHAT I should of done, HOW I should of done it and WHAT I could of done.

I don't normally like to call people Idiots. But now I realize a IDIOT when I see and hear one. Immediately I quit right there in graveyard, left the group and put this Idiot Holy Paladin healer on ignore list. I /w to apologize to the rest of the group as I was flying back to Area 52 and that I had to leave the group because that guy was a total Idiot. Its unfortunate it was a Holy Paladin but this guy was being a Idiot and in no way was I going to go back into Botanica and try to complete the run. If a Tank can't trust the healer to heal its not worth it even if I needed the Instance run. When someone got enough time to try and tell you how to do your job when your busy doing yours, they aren't doing their job. Fortunately I knew few of his guild mate before from a few PuG instance runs. He's a new guy in their guild and aren't gonna last long if he keeps that up.


Gwaendar said...


PUGs can be that frustrating at times, I know. I was in the reverse situation recently with a sub-par pallie tank in the group, but I chose to shut up instead, had my own hands full trying to get back to the best of my game.

The only truly important thing in these situations is to know when to call it quits. Nobody's going to pay your repair bill, and there's only so much one should invest in a sub-par group.

On the other hand, when you get a really good group instead, the experience is much more enjoyable.

Sunstriker said...

I feel for ya. Its even worse when two friends who are in the same group with you decide it would be funny to be complete a$$es and purposefully try to wipe your group...repeatedly. Had this happen like 4 times >.<

salud said...

“I could of used one of my bubbles so I could heal up”

hmm, that statement is quite alarming coming from a paladin. Does he not realize if you bubbled, your aggro is lost. /sigh

But I applaud ya for leaving….I would have

Zerei said...

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever healed that instance, only tanked it (despite being heal spec). I've run my fair share of PuGs though, and you must have found one gem of a foolish little paladin. Don't use Avenger's Shield? Bubble to heal yourself? Wow! He probably needed some advice, my guess is he's never been prot, or thinks it's a spec for...well I dunno. Nice job leaving, there's one bridge burned you don't need to worry about :)

Galoheart said...

I was heading to tank a Steamvault run yesterday for a group, we were waiting to get a healer. They found a healer and turned out to be the same guy. As soon as he joined the group and i saw it was him. I just promptly whispered the group leader and tell him this is not going to work as the healer and i don't get along and i left. I small server is really small.