Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Whats in that Bag?

So what's in your bag that your towing around Outland and Instances all day long? Well this is my normal bag and the things Galo tows around all day long everyday as normal without any quest items needed for quests in tow.

You should be able to guess what's most of those items are if your wondering whats in a Paladin bag. I'm also a Alchemist which I use to my benefit as a Paladin so I'm always fully stocked in the potion department for the things I need to use in a emergency or as needed questing or instancing. I carry 2 different sets of vails for alchemy so I can make things out in the field as needed since I'm always picking herbs. A good alchemist does carries extra vials. Galo always had 2 full stacks of Netherweave bandages (40) and 3 usual stacks of full mana drink (60). Your not gonna see me begging for water to drink like some people do. Lots of food/fishing food/special spell food buffs. Lots of Fel Blossoms for special on damage reduction from picking Felweed. Lots of scrolls I always pick up. One set of my DPS/Spell Damage gear. An Extra spell damage trinket I can switch out from the Scryers Revered while tanking. I don't carry healing gear. Rest is things All paladins should have as in lots of reagents for buffing and Devine Intervention use reagents. I have adequate space for quest items and that's the way my bag stays organized all the time.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Your bag looks a lot like mine since I herb/alch as well. You even put all your consumables on the bottom like I do!

The only exception is that I hold 2 extra sets of gear. WTB 30 slot bags!

Honors Code said...

ZOMG, you have so much bag space. /jealous

I'll try to remember to screenshot my bags tonight.

Questing/Solo I usually run 77/84 slots full.

Raiding, its 82/84 slots full.

WTB bigger bags.

Galoheart said...

@ Mynt, always nice to know there are others that does things similarly. I figured was easy on the bottom since all other things goes in bag from the top. A few things i have at the top are must have.

@Honor's code, you must have a lot of stuff towing around, lol. Sometime i may have 3-4 quest items i carry around rest stuff is just loot junk and loot. If its from another zone quest item i put it in the bank temporarily.

But yeah, need a 30 slot and knowing Bliz getting that wont be easy. A few more 18 slot bags from Halaa in Nagrand and i can get 90 full bag slots at least that's attainable for free + Reps.

Graveluth said...

I'm also an Herb/Alchemist...but I use Baggins which is a mod that splits the bags in categories like "food", "armor" (whick combined with Baggins Item Rack also makes a special place for my armor sets), "quest items", "drinks", "herbs", "potions", etc...

It's very handy. We don't have to be rearranging the bags all the time.

Galoheart said...

I've got baggins as a addon but its not a active one i use. Its nice it sort things and great for that and good to use if you like it.

When i open my bag mentally i know where everything is at and sometime in a fight i need to maybe access somethingin bag. When i do that i really don't need lots of individual bags opening up on my screen to mess things up. One organized bag is fine and easier for me at least.

wow leveling guides said...

Your bag looks very good. Almost the same structure my pally has.

Jabari said...

Heh - is that a stack of Gift of Arthas in there?

Awesome :)

(and way more useful than people give it credit for)

Where are your fishing baubles at? *chuckle*

Galoheart said...

Yes its "Gift of Arthas" in bag. I carry it for an extra 10% shadow resist and helpfull. I use it on the boss too for the benefit even if its a 2-3 min fight every bit of HP makes a bit of difference and i can make tons of them.

Fishing Baubles are in the Bank. Usually have a whole 20 stack when i'm going fishing on dedicated log in time. +100 baubles are hard to keepin bag, they get used up.

Graveluth said...

By the way, which mod you use for bags? Is that Bagnon?

Galoheart said...

For the Bag i'm using the addon "OneBag" its a Ace based addon. For Banking i use the same kind "OneBank" and for keys "OneRing" all are Ace based addons and really nice to use.

Can fine them at or

Graveluth said...

Inpired by this topic I made my own where you can see my bag(gins) :)