Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tanking Trinket

Logged in, did a LFG for a PuG for The Shattered Halls. Turned out it was some friends most of them I already knew for the PuG. Anyway on that first run of the day the trinket dropped from the last boss Kargath Bladefist. I did make a wish before we beat the crap out of him. Dunno if that helped but if it worked. I'll make a wish ever time before I beat up the boss. Need all the loot help you can get for drops. If I was to swap out my Darkmoon Card: Vengeance Trinket and replace it with this, its 4% more block rating. That leaves me just 4% short of uncrushable with Holy Shield up and using my Crystalforged Blade. That's attainable by just replacing my Libram alone with Libram of Repentance earned from doing Heroics.


Scott said...

You lucky boy! I've been trying to get this trinket and the one off Blackheart the Inciter in Shadowlabs for ages now! Trinkets are currently the weakest thing in my build!


Ryan said...

This trinket might not be the most viable down the road. It doesn't take that much to get to uncrushable, especially once you get the Libram of Repentance, and while the heals from the block are nice, the block rating won't do you any good if you're already uncrushable.

Galoheart said...

I'm not yet uncrushable. I have yet to do any Heroics since been busy doing other things in game.

My two trinket slot is already filled with my prime Trinkets. Having the new Trinket vs not having the trinket gives me options with all my gear so far. There are things i still need.

However looking at uncrushable its 4% closer than I have ever been before. Trinket just gives me options with gear selection.

Zerei said...

That's a fun one for AoE tanking large packs of mobs ;)