Saturday, October 6, 2007

PuG Tales - Botanica

What a difference a good group makes. It sure was a lot different than my last PuG attempt to venture into Botanica (See below). Anyway the run was oh so smooth. One shot all the Bosses including Warp Splinter himself. I tanked him in the middle right where he stood and had his back facing the rest of group who were positioned together on the grass a bit off the bridge as you see in map. The druid helped tanked him also as well as the hunter pet. This fight seem to go pretty long. The adds that spawned were mostly CC when I consecrated as I saw them spawn. Yes I also threw Gift of Arthas on him for every bit of difference it made over time and I'm sure it did.

Only person died during the entire run was the Warlock a few times. Otherwise it was a clean run and everyone did what they were suppose to do. Its just nice to run with a good group and the healer was awesome! Unfortunately I didn't get any Tank loot. I did win a Primal Nether and picked up a blue cape no one wanted to vendor as well as all the trash loot to pay for my repairs (2.5g) and they did cover it. Also got lots of needed reputation points which is much needed so 9k will make me Exaulted. And for all that Galo made his some more friends!

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