Monday, October 8, 2007

Alchemy - New Discovery!

Discovered my Third Alchemy Flask. Yes, you do get a Alchemy Discovery recipe IF you make enough potions in varying quantities. So today when making potions Galo got this new discovery potion it literally scared the crap out of me as it always seem to do as it happened so unexpectedly. This Flask will be a nice one me a Paladin since this flask also increase Holy spell damage...Woot! Immediately I was off to the Alchemy Lab to make 5 of these Flask for my stash. More spell damage ftw for this Paladin!

If you keep making 300+ level potions never know you can get a few discoveries too. So Galo can now make both Flask of Relentless Assault, Flask of Mighty Restoration, Flask of Blinding Light ...Woot! Yeah you really do get the very elusive discoveries in Alchemy...once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Grats! I'm so jealous!

Discoveries are niiiiice =)

Graveluth said...

I'm yet to discover any flask or useful elixir :(

Galoheart said...

I remember when i once only heard about discoveries and i had none myself. If making random tBC potions was a mean to Alchemy Discovery all i did was keep doing what i was good at doing and that was making and selling potions. So i just kept making pots.....lots of pots and stock my own supply in the bank.

I use my own potions, others i make for sale only and some i make sparingly. Honestly i've made over 5K pots and i just keep making more all the time. Discoveries are random with no real pattern. Sometime i make a few pots of a different recipe to mix things up and you never know....poof there it happens. Just keep making potions is all i can say.

Zerei said...

"literally scared the crap out of me"

...tmi, Galo... :P

Girl Meets WoW said...

If you were on my server, my mage would be bugging you all the time.