Friday, April 27, 2007

Casual Friday - Life with Starfighter.

Life in Horde capital Orgrimmar can sometimes be pretty dramatic. Its even more dramatic when 1 Alliance faction member decides to invade Orgrimmar face on, kill NPC's in Orgrimmar and take on Horde members in their turff City. Ever hear "Orgrimmar is under attack". First thing comes to mind...... Hmm must be "Marshal Starfighter" always is, Alliance faction lvl 70 Human Paladin Twinked up beyond measure for a Paladin. Its always Drama with this guy! A Alliance member in Horde City.

Hordies love their cities. Having Starfighter invade for his weekly fun gets to be like watching reality TV live in Orgrimmar. He's always running around killing NPC's, hiding atop the buildings of Orgrimmar or taking on players.

After a while, gets a bit tired of having Starfighter around. It gets old after a while as he's still running around fighting, more so hiding from lvl 70 Hordies. Guy just never wants to Quit. Makes you wonder just what he does all day. After a while i get tired of it.
Time to go Questing i guess.

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