Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 2 Un'Goro Crater, Dinged 53

Another day in Un'Goro's Crater feels like been in Jurasic park with killer raptors, giant elite dino's, tar pit monsters or thing, killer flowers, birds that wana eat you, deadly insects and all kind of wired stuff.

However its not too bad questing in Un'Goro's zone. Its a circular zone and most quests are not too far away, usually you can run around in the zone dodging stuff or like me kill whatever you run into and forge ahead. You better off getting the XP anyway. The one thing noted about been here is that there are no Humans here and so the loot drop really suck! I've only manage to get about 4 green drops in 2 days here and wiping many a monsters from the zone. All drops i vendored. Drop counts sucks badly here, however the XP is good so mix blessing and n caster mobs here really so good on physical combat. However those nasty bloodpetals can really cast a spell on you and suck your mana from you. Lots of quests here all in the zone and just making progress here.


Anonymous said...

I'm not all that fond of questing in Un'Goro. Too big and wide open or something I think. I keep going back, however, because I can handle the zone for one or two quests at a time... or longer if I've got guildmates with me to make it less boring.

Where's next after Un'Goro, do you figure?

WoWGrrl player blog

Galoheart said...

Un'Goro zone is really not that big. All quests you can easily reach or even run to.... most the time. It's just you have to always be vigilant of those 4 Giant T-Rex. And they are sneeky and can always get you if your not looking around. I find all quests here you can solo which i did.

Galoheart said...

I Will be heading to Western Plaguelands as a primary area i think, but don't hold me to it. Fighting for the Argent Dawn sounds fun and rewarding. But as i see fit i move to areas i can solo in fast and that i like. So maybe also

Seering Gorge

In no particular order though. However i have quest cleanup in my Quest log to do or find as i can as i would like to finish most of them, even if its grey.