Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend in Review, Tanaris in Screenshots - Call Terminex!

Assaulting a Insect Hive for a Quest. I loooove my Hanzo Sword. Me and my Hanzo doing Extermination at a Insect Hive on a Quest to recover Geological survey Stuff. I killed 1 Elite and got a nice green plate drop, vendored it though. Went through about 8 Xp bars here and leveled up to 51 all in one assault here.


Hexapuma said...

mm the hanzo sword.. I used it early on and all the way to 61 with my paladin. It was amazing to use as a protection specced paladin. Those blessing of lights/wisdom sure lets you excel with a fast weapon.

Galoheart said...

Yeah, love the Hanzo Sword. I'm thinking GRINDHOUSE, i like this Sword allot as a protection spec Paladin. I guess i must remember to keep it a while if it last you up to 61. Thanks. Oh love your blog too, i't funny to ready with good stuff.