Friday, April 20, 2007

Paladins Nerfed!

I had though about making a comment on the big Nerf that Paladins are due to recieve in the soon to arrive patch in update 2.1, last week but been so dissapointed i had just refrain from it all togeather. Paladins are still down right upset, if you read the forum you think the Paladins were threatening retribution against Blizzard and just quit been healbots.

That day may indeed come. I hear the drums of WARHAMMER online beating loudly. I've been upset and still upset about the Nerf bat. So much so this is the most i'm gona say about it. We got Nerfed as a class. We keep getting Nerfed. What we need is to get our class fixed properly talent wise. It sucks, but i'm damm sure Paladins will have revenge on Blizzard and on WoW. Humm, did i say WARHAMMER is comming soon, Holy Warrior Priest that fight on the frontlines. Don't you believe revenge will be in order. Stay tuned.

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