Sunday, April 8, 2007

Soloing Tanaris

Took the trip to Tanaris to do some quests i had Q'd up as haven't been back to tanaris in a while. I like been here its great place for a person who likes to Solo. Did two quests real quick as have to head to RL work in a short while. Its working weekend.

Did the quest for the Wastewander had to kill 3 sets of mobs on the plain a mix of rouges and shadow mages and such & got Caliph's head as i found him in the area also. Did it easy first testing them out protection style and using shadow protection aura. Was doing fine, just taking a while, so easy switch in mid fight to high damage 1H using both the big Axe and Sword alternating each in a fight easily. That's my trade mark as a pally (Paladin) i can use both 1H weapons and 2H weapons interchangibly in a fight depends on situation and mobs around me. However i think for me i'm a versatile warrior in that i'm the only person i know that carry all weapons as a pally can use at all times that been 8 weapons (1H & 2H both Axe, Mace, Sword and Polearm) and a spiked shield. Some people think i'm nuts but then again i don't die that often either. The 1H weapons are my always starter weapon and always make sure its a very fast weapon to proc with Renocking been Protection spec for return damage and extra swings meaning more damage in shorter amount of time. I always make sure i have the very best shield and spike it to reduce damage to self. Killed everything easily oon the plain. Always kill the spell caster first in a fight with a clothy it saves you the health drain from mystic magic, the physical damage i can take easily in a fight. So completed 2 quests and futher inch ever closser to lvl 48.

Time played WoW this Character (/played):
24 Days, 4 Hours, 23 minutes, 36 seconds

Time current lvl
0 Days, 10 hours, 17 Minutes, 14 seconds

Auctions stats today:
Sold a few stuff some potions & looted gear.
Made about 25g. My Water breathing did not sell. Someone new is underbidding me. Haven't time to go to AH.
I been making this stuff since january and had no competition ever making Water Breathing
Elixirs, they sell really well for Alchemy.

Bank WarChest
673gold 35silver 73copper

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