Friday, April 13, 2007

Into Un'Goro Crater

Dinged lvl 49. WOOT!! Needed some place else new to explore while in Tanaris, so headed southwest and decided to see what awaits me in Un'Goro Crater as i have yet to explore here. Lots and lots of Raptors here, seem like jurasic park. Not too bad to kill as i tested my metal on a few and was not a problem to down a few mostly 48-52. Picked up one quest form a book on loot drop and tried to find the neutral camp here dodging Raptors mostly all the way there. Helped and alliance warlock and her minion kill some raptors in a fight on the way. Raptors galore here!

Found the camp and got the Flight Path there in the camp. I'm calling it a day here now so i got the Flight Path here, headed back to Tanaris to turn in a few quests. Heading to the Hinterlands by way of Booty Bay to turn in a completed quest there. Somehow i'm thinking i'm going to like been in Un'Goro as its all melee combat here, no casters around.

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Peter said...

While in un'goro you might want to pick up the start of the Linken's Boomerang quest. Of the ponds in the bottom right of the map, it's to the west and the second one up. It has a wrecked boat to click on (it lights up when you mouse over it). I'm not sure what level you need to be but you'll love the boomerang.