Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guilds & Guild Relations in World of Warcraft.

My first "Grab your popcorn, cookies and soda post".

Over the weekend i did a fare share of things guild related things in my attempt to be a servant to my guild and spend some time helping out my friends (GM) guild. It was interesting in perspective the things i noticed about other players, guilds and other things guild related, somethings i was already most keenly aware of .

I've been guildless by choice much of my wow life, except to having my own guild of mostly my self mostly for the sought after cool looking Tabard. I was about lvl 15 back then when i started a guild of my own paid for on my own kill earnings & skill trade. I liked having a Tabard crest that represented me as a Blood Knight and so it was the reason i formed a guild, yet in the hope i could find good players (Adults) as members. That's a difficult task. However as the GM of my guild back then "Knights of Eternity" i didn't care much to recruit so i never really did, but i helped the others guildies out that initially signed the charter and those that stayed as best as i could, some were alt characters. When are they never not alts? However 1 guy stayed in the group from the charter days and eventually moved his higher alt (another player character on account) into it for a safe place for his other toon. So was me another guy and his higher level atl.

Basically i was a guild of one, never bothered me much. I did all the quests on my own. I never asked for help, as i did my quest whether it was easy or difficult. Often if it was difficult i did another and came back to it later when it was easier to do as i was at higher level then. I was very self reliant as a player on my own skill as i kept learning World of Warcraft (wow) fundamentals and all things wow. In my late 20's i happen to run into a guy questing in Hillsbrad Foothills i happen to revive him as he had gotten mobbed and revive him. A Paladins Touch i say.

Eventually we both solo'd it seemed and kept running into each other at different places and did some mutual quests togeather. It was like forming a friendship somewhat. He played well as a player and to my liking as someone that would be a good quest partner. I still had my own guild as my own identity. I often consider myself like a mavrick. Needing no approval and on one's own.

In the early 40's my friend formed a guild it seemed. I guess i took notice that he did and so it was him and his GF. He somewhat asked me if i like to join but i declined as i told him i had my own guild (I was still a guild of 1). He was surprised that i had a guild, he never knew it seemed and i never said much about it. Afterall i never recruited either. But i was liking my friend as a player and as a good hunter. Eventually later in thought i decided to give up my beloved guild name and join my friend and his GF guild then. It was like leaving a partner behind now. My friend guild was now about 30 people it seemed, cool.

Friend and his GF played all the time we kept chasing each other in levels, yet i often continue to solo my quests much just my play style. To me its easier to quest solo, where ever i decided to go and quest, that's where i went. Often my friend the GM would ask if i need help and would help if i needed help. However i was ok with my quests, i was fine on my own effort. Yet some quests were not so easy, but tried them i still did and when was too difficult i came back later and did no problem. Some meant death a few times to accomplish but i never asked much for help. In my failures or death many things "Galo" learned and figured out himself. Experience is learning and learning is experience!

For the last few weeks i haven't seem my GM or his GF loged on much. Maybe they gotten married or something. Hmm, its usually hard to quit WoW just like that so maybe they started on some new alts, who knows. Anyway their are plenty of ranks in my guild and i never care much for ranks a a individual player, deeds matter more to me as a player and how you are known by your reputation matters more to me then. Apparently it also seemed that not much people have logged on either in our guild, i notice some here and there. I guess i'm the most consistant daily player in the guild now it seems as i keep progressing daily. Actually its not bothering me much that no ones around, most the time its just like when i'm soloing. Some time here and there i see the guild chat pop up and someone asking for help, usually a pre-teen level or mid teem level member. I help if i can, often usually been pestered for help or to run someone thru somewhere. Why?? Why not go do it yourself or with a group at your level?

I've began to wonder just how much members in my guild are alts. Thinking of it i won't be surprised if at least 80% of members are alts. Only people i really knew were the GM and his GF and the nuking friendly mage just a few higher levels up. However its seems i'm one of the most senoir member of the guild now. GM is off to somewhere else and the guild numbers have dropped from 35 to 20 members apparently or oddly enough at that.

I hadn't noticed i had the ability to recruit members, no one told me i could before. But it seemed i was also high ranking in the guild and had ability to recruit members. So in a attempt to save my friends guild i started recruiting, which is a big task in itself. Often you take them as they come because of low numbers in guild and to add to the guild numbers. Good players are hard enough to find. New prospects often want to know.... How many lvl 70's you have? Does it matter much? Doe's it matter when less than lvl 20 anyway?

So over the weekend recruited a few noob lowbies. Higher level members or mid level members are harder to recruit because everyone is in a guild by then or stuck with friends of some sort. Those people are much harder to recruit into a guild even if your good. Recruiting is just allot of work. However i manage to recruit some lowbies (low level players) into the guild.

I guess perspective starts here. I've always had a perspective on lowbies in guild, previously having my own guild and often watching other people in guild who always at the drop of a hat seem to be in another guild or ....well i'm in my friends guild. What's interesting and funny is, after you recruit someone into a guild at the lowest level just how soon they start whispering to you or in guild chat if you can come help them with a quest because their quest is too hard or they don't know where to find so and so or they now powerfull enough to kill some guy in some tower, cave or place. Whatever!! Often people whisper in guild.......can you run me thru so and so Instance? Would you please run me thru so and so place? Can you give me 1g or some silver? Hey... you higher level can you lend me some gold? Help, Help, can you help me? Very annoying.

You know...... i have no problem helping or aiding someone, but i'm damm well sure not gonna hold your hand, baby sit you and do your quest for you just to appease you. As a personal policy i don't run anyone thru dungeons or any places if i can help it. World of Warcraft don't need more weak players!! I don't need to be contributing to help foster a atmosphere of weak players either that can't fend for them self or do their quests on their own to learn how to be good players. Its why PUG stinks!! Most the time anyway. It seem when new players are in guild and it seems they're usually alts, everyone wants to be run thru dungeon instances, levels ahead of their level or paid run thru's and keep pestering higher levels about it. You know, when i was that level i never asked anyone to do quests for me or aid me. I did it myself and in that learned how to be a good player or play stratergically. I would do a quest at least four times before i ask for help, thats just me.

I realize why some players are guildless, why some quit their guild, why some don't answer in guild chat, or whatever it is. Noobs can drive you nuts asking or demanding you help them because they are now in your guild. My best guess, lots of these people are kids and often kids less than 15 years of age or so, just my guess. Its tough been in a guild with a bunch of kids. Its also tough been tough to kids, a fine line also. But I rather be in a guild with mature adults, just makes for better functioning and reasoning usually. So i had to deal with a bunch of this over the weekend and wasting allot of time recruiting members who demand you help them or they /gquit guild because you won't help them on their quests or run them thru a dungeon instance. Actually i refuse to do so! Quit if you want to and its best if you quit and find another guild to leach on, someone else's problem. I've basically had it with that kind of attitude.

Personally i've never asked the GM of the guild who's a Hunter, who's almost same level as me for any help. If we happen to be doing same quests at same time then great, we can group up and do it. But i attempt my quests on my own and own effort. If i keep failing to complete the quests only then i ask for help and i hardly have ever had to. Often its just i can't find a specific spot or something. Guilds can be funny, noobs can drive you crazy. The problems with guilds is there is soo many damm alts in World of Warcraft. Everywhere almost all guilds are filled with lots of alts and alts lowbies asking for help to be run thru places as if its their rite to be run thru places on your own time. Don't count on me running anyone thru places!

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