Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Experience with the "Alliance"

This one is interesting in itself so far, but maybe would be more interesting if i played on a PVP server of which i do not. I play on Rexxar which is a medium populated PVE server.

I started playing World of Warecraft (WOW) about 3 days pre TBC - "The Burning Crusade" expansion. Rolled a human paladin as i like the virtues of been a paladin and a paladin just fits me. One my first few day playing WOW, its really learn as you go and figuring things out fast as go along. I remember been constantly challenged for duels, higher level guys like lvl 11, 12 or so. No idea why, i'm a noob! Some small guilds or nooby Alliance guilds were running around the starter area challenging all the noob players in Duels. For what reason looking back i will never know. I had no idea what duels were or what it meant, i accepted and died 3 times or so, barely knew how to fight. Starting out in WOW as a alliance left a bad impression on me as these guys always seem to want to duel you when they not even close to your level.

TBC sounded interesting, got it on release day and decided to roll a Horde Blood Elf as they were new added character and good time starting WOW to start on a completely new class and with the opposing faction. Been a Blood Elf intoxicated for arcane magic appealed to me. Since then i've never been bothered been on the Horde side since or with what seem childish tactics. Real "Horde" members are cool, there helpfull they don't bother you. Wasn't long after i completely deleted my Alliance character and have had the same Blood Elf Paladin since. Never looked back either on ever rolling on Allinace. Later on figured out why also.

I remember heading on a very long run of a quest and more so dangerous run at level 35 from STV to Swamp of Sorrows (SOS) to Stonard for Alchemy training. STV was dangerous at 35, raptory love to slaughter you there. let alone trying to get to SOS for training running through many zones to get to SOS. On way to Alliance country north of STV area running along the road i came to a "T" intersection and was attacked by 3 PVP NPC guards at a little post by the road as one guard walked the road there. They happened to be 3 alliance members close by there and saw me get attacked by the guards NPC and so fighting back in surprise to NPC as been attacked i got flagged for PVP. I had no idea what PVP was then, i barely noticed my tag turned green at the time.

Killed the guards and then i was immediately killed by the 3 alliance members on the road there that saw me not previously flagged for PVP get flagged for PVP. HUH?? I wasn't even sure why they attacked me. I was flagged and i didn't even know it. I asked a friend in chat about it, they laughed and says was PVP, hadn't a clue. These guys camped me in area. I had to resurrect out of site sitting in some bushes. That was my initiation into PVP. I stuck to the hills on way to SOS after that as my tag reset back to normal mode.

I remember not too long ago questing in Stomgrade Hold in Arathi Highlands i stumbled onto a Alliance PVP NPC there by the chapel where the prince and his 2 guards is inside. Barely saw him and when did was too late i got attacked, though it was just another guard there. I got flagged for fighting back at the alliance NPC, killed him. So now flagged for PVP again as 2nd time now. I killed all the roving guards in the graveyard there and was entering the chapel to fight the prince guy and his two guards there. Aggro the two guards into the door entrance and was doing just fine, killed one then was working on the other. Was wired when i started to realize i'm loosing health fast on fighting the guard... I died. What? ..... HUH?? Wired?

I never saw him coming and never knew he was even there. I got backstabbed to death by a PVP (????) Alliance member and i only noticed it when i rotated by view to the back of me ..there he was a Alliance (???). At this point knowing something about WOW, this guy was many levels above me and i'm no match for him. This guy was in what seemed inpressive gear, glowing weapons, totally hacked me from behind totally unaware. As a Horde i can say that wasn't a very good moment in my Horde/Alliance relations in game. I lost respect for many ingame alliance members then at that point. Some people take PVP to the extreme.

I remember when i was doing RFC meeting the Orc warrior leader "Thrall" of Orgrimmar. Said as you go questing fight well and represent the horde and that even the Horde have & show Honor to their enemies. For some reason i remembered that and was impressed by that. Just a game, but was impressed all the same. I've remembered that motto to this day. As a Horde i carry my self honor bound as a BE Paladin. I can't say I've lived well with my Alliance moments or encounters. I've never provoked a Alliance member uncalled for, but many few times I've been on the receiving end of it.

Yet I've been in areas watching alliance members fight mobs and awaiting a impending death sentence from a mob or multiple mobs. I've remembered my own experiences in those moments with Alliance members, yet i've intervened and saved many Alliance members hide to save them a grave yard run. I needed no thanks as we can't communicate between faction anyway. In such times i realize i uphold my end of having Honor as a Paladin Knight.

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Anonymous said...

I completly agree with you, as a paladin... I have played all WC games and it sound aout right to help like this, but as you can experience from them (the "alis" as we said in my realm) they take the PvP to the extreme, and just always atack you, STM, tarren mill, Arathi, Ive allways have to call for help so anyone can take revenge from their way of play in horde towns...