Saturday, April 28, 2007

loving Protection Spec Grinding

What do you do when you see a camp? Hmm, let see how many mobs I can kill all at one time maybe? How about lets seeing if I can make a pattern on my mob kills! Any idea will do for a Protection Paladin, for the love of the kill. Been Protection Spec is all about fun when you adventure around and seeing places, its not just auto attacks, seal, judge, seal and melee.

Sometimes its just to have fun as a picture can tell many tales. On my way to Un'Goro Crater i was passing the Orge camp in dessert in Tanaris as I took one look I decided on having some quick fun rounding up the camp and thinning the herd quickly.


Anonymous said...

Heh, there was a thread on the Official Forums about "you know you're levelling prot when...", I think you'd enjoy the thread. Unfortunately I can't remember which forum it was in ... General? Raid & Dungeons? dunno.

But one of the things they said was "when there are so many corpses on the ground after the battle that you have troubles looting them all, because they're one on top of the other..."

WoWGrrl player blog

Galoheart said...

Lol. Yeah rinding Protection Spec is fun, big problem is when everything is now dead is you can barely figure out the bodies. So easy tip is look for the body extremities, head, feet or tails easier that way. Its just too much fun.

I try to make patterns on my kills. Just something else to do on a kill.

Galoheart said...

I happen to see that forum thread on i also reads her blog, i find her stuff interesting also.

The link for that forum thread is at

I should post it in a blog entry when i can.