Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Milestone - Ding, Ding, lvl 50.

Reached a milestone in my Paladin life last night by reaching lvl 50, for which its a milesstone for me at least. Why! Its because my professional skill as a Alchemist is as important to me as my class skills (money maker) as a Paladin though not equal by any means. Been a Alchemist and catering to my play style so i'm able to leverage my skills as a Alchemist in how i play what i call "Defensive Offense". Its my play style and it just works for me. I play my fights from a defensive position been a protection pally and then i just take it to the mob offensively as best i can. Just my playstyle, makes sense to me and may not work for anyone else. However Alchemy works for me when i need to use it to craft a potion or elixir.

Hit lvl 50 grinding away on the Timbermaw mobs at a camp in Felwood close to the entrance of the zone where i picked up the quest to thin out the camp there. So basically i spend some time as the camp is spread out and grouped up the mobs and did classic AOE smackdown on the mobs about 5-6 of them at a time, removing the caster first of course. Had about 8 bars to go and so just did it to lvl over 50 since i also had max rest bonus which made it much faster to get the XP. Did not get any great loot just silvers Was there long enough that i got a rare spawn black Elite Timbermaw in the camp a Elite 50 and kicked his but and got a nice green mail piece, it was no use to me though.

Basically the original plan last night was get two new Flight Paths to two new areas on the map i can quest in at my lvl that been Felwood and Azshara zones. This gives me some variety in questing and close to my level also. Other reason is good armour is hard to get and mobs my lvl drop gear close to my lvl usually. Other thing was to sample the area of Western Plaguelands to see difficulty in fighting the scouge there and see if any quests there i can do as yet. Been lvl 50 now opens up some options, however went to the camp outside the area to Plaguelands and nothing really was available quest wise. So i just slowly entered the area and fought some plagued beers, spiders and killed some of the scourge henchmen and undead there at a camp in the field. Then decided to leave the area as i can return later now i know what's there.

So this was when i headed out to Azshara area and found the horde camp there. Its somewhat off the path and kinda hidden took a while to find. This seem to be a nice area also to kill stuff in and quest easily i think. I also found some well sought after herbs as in Groomsblood and Mountain Sansum...... WOOT!. These things been going on AH for about 1g a piece, thats why some potions are soo expensive when selling. So good to be able to lvl up herbalism and gather my own herbs, more profit for me. Herbalism is ok its well over 300 as all my skills are also. Got the Flight Path and headed off to the Felwood.

Found the Felwood after a while in which i ended up in Night Elfs area of Darkshore. I guess i could not go over the mountains there to the Felwoods, so that didn't work as i tried. It took several trips on the wing rider to get to a location in Ashenvale where i then could figure out how to get to the Felwoods. I had misses a side path along the way that's why. Anyway in the Felwood its was there i picked up the 1 quest for the Timbermaws and found the Horde camp and got the Flight Path. Mission accomplished though i only completed one quest today for turn in, getting the Flight Paths was more important for me to do as it means i can return here easily and much quickly.

At lvl 50 i headed to Outland to Shattrath City the neutral faction city. You usually can't go to Outland till lvl 58, its pretty dangerous in Outland. Even in Shattrath City you can get attacked. As i was heading to the trainer there 3 elite demons appeared on the lower city and its was epic watching everyone there take them down. Reminded me that anything can happen here. Several lvls back i had gotten help from a warlock i had paid to get me to Outland and i got my hearthstone set in Shattrath so i can easily return to go to the Alchemy trainer here. At the trainer now been lvl 50 i got the developement skills for Master Alchemist. There were 8 recipies available to get, all great potion and elixir recipies. Since i always have plenty of herb stock on me and in the bank i brewed up the yellow and orange recipies i already had before to lvl up skills all the way to 325 and in a matter of about 45 minutes i was able to get all the recipies from the trainer. Bamm, thats how you do it!! That quickly i got all the trainer recipies, i always come prepared when i go to a trainer, saves having to make another trip, especially to Outland. The new recipies are my new pride and joy as they will be the raw source of my new batch of gold to make for the warchest. After that, i was at the AH to find new found recipies i can't get at trainer. Picked up a good one a Defense Elixir, these always sell good for a 1hour buff to total armour. That's one thing i invest my money new recipies, so i can have a recipie only a few have, better economics when selling potions when few people have a recipe you have.

With the increase Alchemy skills i eventually got my skills now up to lvl 351. At 375 i would max out on training skills. I was able to go to the bank and blow the dust off of Primal Might and another Elixir recipie that i could not use before requiring 300+ skills. Primal Might required 350 skill lvl. WOOT! Now i can make the big stuff and play with the big players in making Primal stuff as that stuff pays megga gold to transmute. I picked up a unusual transmute that jewelcrafters at high lvl needs Mercurial Stone, its like a Alchemist Stone for transmuting things. So been the one to dabble in higher economy selling. I checked the AH for its availability and a Mercurial Stone was selling for 100g. Checked pricing on Primal ingredients, was very high.. Damm! But profit looked so good on double the cost. One thing i learn is it takes some money or gold to make more gold or better gold, so best have some gold on hand always. So paid 45g and bought some Primal Earth, Life, Mana and transmuted to a Mercurial Stone which jewalcrafters need to do their thing. I posted it on the AH for 95g as did not cost too much to post it on AH, It will sell sooner or later. Testing the waters here.

The thing with Alchemy transmuting is, off all the transmutes you can do, you can only do one every 24 hrs so that limits you how much you can transmute and on what things. So price is high on transmuted items sold. If Mercurial Stone sells i double my money. I can't say i doubled my money on anything in Secondlife, but then again in Secondlife i built stuff and sold some stuff but there i never really cared to make a profit. I often gave things away to friends in a shape for them to texture to their liking. It was just the joy of been able to be a good builder... which i was.

I finally got to equipt the HANZO SWORD, its been sitting in the bank a while since i bought it some time ago. I haven't had a chance to use it but it will be amazing to use. Been thinking about getting it enchanted with Crusader and that will be arsome if i can get it done. Just the Enchant for Crusader is pretty damm expensive to get. I can afford it, but i'm conservative i guess and don't like waisting money either.


Peter said...

Gratz on 50. I found the game got more and more enjoyable from 45 on. Surprised you haven't been ghoul farming in Sorrow Hill yet, you'll enjoy that, especialy with the Hanzo.

Galoheart said...

Things have been getting quite interesting since the mid 40's as new areas open up in different areas as i can pick and choose areas more. Will look out for Sorrow Hill when i get there.

Nibuca said...

Sigh. I yearn for 50. I just dinged 40 last night and am still all glow-y from getting a War Horse. I've read that the quest pickings from 40-50 are kind of slim so I'm dreading the run. Any suggestions?

I've added a link to your blog in my blogroll. I look forward to reading more about your experiences.

Mystic Chicanery

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Galoheart said...

Thanks for the post. I didn't think anyone much was reading my posts, but i few people i know.

Yes if you keep at it you will be at 50 soon also, as long as you keep at it daily. I really only have one character in wow and its all i play so its my main focus and so the time i put into leveling one character pays off and in the skill i have. I used to think it was soo far off the higher levels and now i realize its not so, its daily progress.

I think in the 30's were hardest and a long stretch for me and leveling. Many people say the same thing also. Yet it was not too hard it just seem to take forever though. From the way i have quested i think the 40's are a bit exciting questing wise and in the areas thats available. In the 40's more areas open up as option to quest in as a choice as to your preference to quest in.

The Hinterlands is great, Swamp of Sorrows is gloomy but its all melee there. Both Tanaris and Feralas i commented on in blog as been both good areas to quest in in 40's and there is also Arathi Highlands also. So there is variety.