Monday, April 30, 2007

Questing Un'Goro's Crater in Screenshots

Had lots of encounters with these hard hitting gorillas. Had some cave quest to do where these gorillas live and so was plenty of action for "Galo's" new Aegis of Stormwind Shield (much needed upgrade) and the Hanzo Sword. The Hanzo Sword has been enchanted with Crusader and so i call him "Crusading Hanzo" and its a piece of work. Hanzo has been a good investment in a fine blade.

Fought many gorillas going into this cave many times as they call for help from other gorillas when your beating on them and it gets even more fun if your a Protection Paladin. Again i had more night elves running around collection the skin hides from these gorillas as soon as i slay them. One thing is, Un'Goro is full of animals you can get high value animal skins from. So hunters love to be here it seem to collect skins.

Did a quest here to find a mechanical robot and it was straight ahead. Was fun in this cave as i cleaned it all out of gorillas. The night elves were running around too often collecting skins and cleaning up also. Unfortunately just trash loot here from the gorillas. Even the boss gorilla didn't drop any good. That boss gorilla guy also hit quite hard and can hit you with a solid knockback on a hit.

Had to repair gorilla with a Mithril Casing and you need one of these to repair downed gorilla in the cave. So had to fly back to Tanaris and check AH there, didn't find any. So had to fly to Orgrimmar to check AH and they had some. Wopping 9g for a Mithril Casing on AH. Couldn't find a engineer to make me some since i had mithril bars in my bank. No time to wait around to find a engineer so paid up bought the Mithril Casing for the quest and headed back to Un'Goro to complete the quest. I have a friend thats a engineer so later had him make 3 Mithril Casing from my Mithril Bar stack in my bank inventory and i posted them for sale on AH to recoup my money and earn a profit. Did earn about 1.6g for escorting the gorilla to its master along the way fighting mobs. This escort was much better than the crazy chicken escort in Tanaris. However so far i've managed to complete all my escort quests on first try as never had a problem with the mobs along the way.

I've paid attention to Hanzo Sword and Hanzo can proc as many as 4 times in 30 sec to return a heal 0f 75+ to 175+ i have seen it do so multiple times while having plus 100 Holy strength which also increases my attack power. You always hear it when it procs as well as the crusader cross sword symbol above in a blessed glow when it does. Its kicks in great also when renocking is in proc and sometime renocking proc back to back and it gets interesting then.

In Un'Goro there are a few Elite T-Rex that roam around and you often not see them until they are right on top on you and these guys are HUGE. Often all you see is the two legs and you look like a little ant to them. Been told to be aware of these guys. They also move very fast roaming through the jungle here. They are 3 different Elite T-Rex here and all lvl 54-56 Elites all also different colors. I saw this guy far away and since i already had a encounter with two others before i stayed clear of this Tiger stripe T-Rex as fighting 2 of them before was a tumble in the jungle as it was. First one i fought was a Albino T-Rex and i literally chased that T-Rex through the jungle to catch him and pick a fight with him. This Tiger strip T-Rex creeped up on me from behind on another quest and killed me since he knocks you around with a fear spell making you run through the jungle and pulling Adds and so i got killed in a unfair fight with Adds when i consecrated the ground under the T-Rex. Bummer!

I chased this T-Rex all through the jungle, was my first one and he's very fast. Wanted to see just how tough he was as a Elite, possibility good of maybe dying but needed the challenge first hand to know myself. Summoning the Paladin Warhorse mount takes too long and so i just hoofed it. Eventually caught up and we had a heck of a tumble together. These T-Rex do some very solid knockback and can knock you clean almost clean out of sight or put a fear/mind control spell on you an never good. Took everything i had and i bested him, not easy on a elite guy like this and all you can see fighting him is his legs.
Bested the T-Rex and on very low health out of mana, lay of hands on cooldown and mana pots on cooldown and can't regen mana it seemed, i had Adds in a few other mobs drawn into the fight and i got KILLED. Sucks!! I had not dies in days and after killing countless mobs, raptors, elites, gorillas, i got killed by a flying dino bird and killer petalflower. A unfair way to die after a heck of a fight.

Lots of Elite and very big Dino's in the western area of Un'Goro. They also hit hard and stomp you silly into the ground. I downed them no problem in some pretty solid physical fights. If these guys were for food it could almost last you forever.
Another great kill for Crusading Hanzo. Too bad i didn't get any loot from downing all these Elite Dino's with some been Stomping or Plated Dino's also. Sucks!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, excellent information about that escort quest in Un'Goro. I had picked up the quest but ditched it a few times as I generally play solo and escort quests don't work well with soloing.

Perhaps I'll team up with a guildie or two and get this one done, however. Those skins are great, and there's some Thorium in them thar hills too!

WoWGrrl player blog

Galoheart said...

I did the Gorilla Escort solo and was a bit fun. You can get help i you need to do this quest as you will get some adds around going back to the camp... and if unlicky you may run into T-Rex as its along his circle route.

Its easy to do from the cave if you kill everything going into the cave outside first and quickly kill the others going into the cave. The Gorilla for the escort is to the right where the cave split.

Galoheart said...

Oh yeah there is a lot of Throium veins around and in the cave. There are small veins and some rich Thorium veins around.