Sunday, April 8, 2007

First Tales.

So i've finally decided to start a blog about my adventure as a Secondlifer on leave from Second Life adventuring in World of Warcraft as a Protection Paladin. I've been inspired by many other great blogger posts and to Peter's Blog for inspiring me to start my own blogging as i'm a reader of his blog. Thanks for the inspiration Peter. I hope to chronicle my tales so far adventuring in World or Warcraft or WoW for short as a Paladin from my side of the street and to hopefully stay in touch with my friends i dearly miss back in Second Life much love to you all, Miss you too Pae!

I started my Paladin to be a great Defender playing a defensive class/spec and defending my comrads and peers. I pay tribute to our Protection Paladin defensive talent in naming this blog Ardent Defender. "Rexxar" is my resident realm and i'm currently a lvl 47 Protection spec Paladin a few blocks away from dinging lvl 48. Been spec Protection Paladin from day one. I like been a melee hybrid Holy Knight that can play many support roles in a group but i do like been a Knight at heart. I like the idea of been a Holy Knight, but i'm a Knight than can heal if need be. Paladins in general don't get much love in WoW, even been one as a Blood Elf among the Horde we get no respect either as we seem to be outcasts allot as many seem to be often pegion hole in been healbots in more difficult group adventuring. Most have to prove their self worth as players. I'm fine with that, i earn my own Kill and i'm fine with that. I never care to out damage anyone, my motto is i just care to outlive you and that i can live with as i can walk away from a fight on my own feet.

I like been a Protection Paladin something enduring about it to me, as i like to help when i can but i'm no door mat either as i like to earn my own keeps and i'm very much a solo player and often quests solo. As for skill i'm skilled in Alchemy & Herbalism and i'm both at 300 lvl. On the horizon i'm looking forward to Outland its getting close only 11 more lvls to go. My tale starts here as the Ardent Defener!


Paeoti said...

HUGS Aetius. Go WOW them with that chrisma of yours. It works everytime. :-) Thanks for the URL. Nice start. Keep your ass low!!! You pallys dont have THAT many HPS!.... hehe love ya.

Galoheart said...

Hi ya Pae! Thanks for dropping by, yeah i will stay alive in WoW so i can live long enough to make it back to Secondlife at somepoint. Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for your note on my blog!

Excellent, great to find a Horde Pally blog... my experience with Paladin play hasn't been all that deep, so I'll be interested to read your thoughts and ideas, especially for folks just getting into Pallies and those getting to intermediate levels.

How's it going with being a hybrid tank? Do you still carry healing gear in case folks demand you off-heal when you're not main tanking? I guess I could do more reading!! :)

WoWGrrl player blog

Galoheart said...

Hi Valdesta

Actually i learned a bit started doing research playing paladin from may others that blog.

Mostly i'm really a solo player. Very few times i do PUG as my experience with PUG's are usually not great. I would often group with players i do know, seen or run into often i see play well.

I only have one gear set and thats what i wear so far. At higher levels it may change. Gear is a constant problem to get good gear, so having 2 sets is difficult to do. I really also don't do healing allot. Yeah i do it as support as needed, but my solo gear mana does not support healing greatly. Working on armour is constant battle as i'm always tuning my gear.