Friday, April 13, 2007

Tales from Tanaris

Headed back to Tanaris for more questing, my other quest are mostly Dungeon Quests so i'm pretty much doing anything else but dungeons. Waiting to group for a Dungron can be time consuming. Headed south into the dessert and searched for a while for a chicken quests as took some time to find this tiny chicken as i explored all over the southern dessert area. Found the chicken riding over a parth in the hills. Quests was not too hard escorting the chicken to the port, however chicken seem to have a mind of its own and kept running into other mobs. I think it was doing it on purpose drawing mobs for me to fight. However completed the quest no problem.

Found a Turtle also that was lost and had to escort it also to the post and was pretty much same thing, however turtle just followered me so it was easier as i lead and completed it in half the time allowed so much time to spare. Got a lot of XP for both escort quests.

Did a bit of grinding on a few orge at a camp in the dessert and a cave, as it was a bit fun to run around on the mount and gather up the orges in a group minus the casters of course and did a bit of smackdown on the orges. Much easier to grind this way if you have to. Did some other quests to find some hidden stuff in the dessert, some ornaments. Lots of running around really.

Tanaris is really huge and i can't imagine questing all over the desert without a mount to speed things up a bit, much easier that way. Haven't found any interesting gear today loot wise, my motto is, killing everything increase your chances on loot, trash also. I did put the Epic Nightblade up for sale on the AH today and it sold in about 2 hours for a whopping 160g. Woot!!

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