Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weekend in Review, in Screenshots!

Completed a Hinterland Quest finding a guy at a temple and while i was at it saw some water and decided to fish. I always have my nice fishing rod. I got some Nightfin Fish. They can be caught at night time. They good for making a dish that helps you regen mana at 8 per 5sec for 10 min. They work for me since as i move to higher level i need every bit of mana i can conserve or make while fighting. Had fun watching some Night Elves in the background fight some mobs. Why does it always take 2 Alliance members one a (???) to do the work of killing a mob that one Horde does on his own?

Went to another pond to see what else i can catch. Caught some more fish here Nightfins and some others lvl up fishing some more. Headed off to the Upper Hinterland and fished in the Forbidden Sea, by Horde Camp. Nice place to fish. Caught a bit more fish and some valued ones. Caught 4 wopping size groupers one a 47, 52 and a 40lbs grouper. If you catch these you can't sell them or vendor them. But you can give to a hunter and some pets love um and make your per damm right very happy. What else they do not sure but they have like 5 charges on them.

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