Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Early Morning AH Shopping.

A bit early in the morning doing all the previous posts. Logged in checked on mailbox, a few things sold, some potions & elixirs (pots). I really don't have much elixirs i'm making for sale right now. Actually i really can't be bothered that much to make as much pots as i usually do on AH. I've put off making much pots for a while till when i get to Outland maybe. Herb pricing on Rexxar is crazy!! My bank is fine and i don't need to make that much gold right now. Right now i'm in more of questing mode.

Making pots take up a lot of my time and can really sink some time into making pots when i'm doing it and seeing what needs to be supplied to the AH market and keeping my note pad filled with notes and speculating on high end stuff. For now the market has to do without me pumping out tons of pots. Usually at any one time i can have as much as 150 pots up on AH, every single day sometimes 200. Thats a huge amount of pots. If you wondering i know what pots to make and i'm not telling for competitive reasons, people are reading this. As a result the market for pots has seem to be gone a bit crazy also with prices all over the map. I have a structured pricing scheme and i have my pots in teir pricing groups. for competetive reasons i will not explain how i do this. I don't use any addon's or anything like that to tell me prices, i use good old Economics 101, and always double my profit at minimum.

I run Alchemy like a all out business enterprise and it has served me well. The one pots i never make to sell is healing and mana pots, the profit margin is thinner than a photon of light. Not worth my herbs to make for sale, only for personal consumption use. In real life i also have a small business so this comes into play in dynamics of thinking.

Picked up a much needed new Blue Shield upgrade, a bit of a improvement and with more block rating which is good and stats, i need to get it immediately shield spiked. I would prefer thorium but its a bit expensive for that one. At higher levels the best i hear you can get is a "Fel Shield Spike" i think. Picked up a Elixir of Major Frost Power, this pot has potential, its why i paid good gold for it and i can see easily recouping profit on this one. It pumps up mages frost spell power many folds. I have a bid on a Elixir of Major Dream Vision. This stuff is great for Pally's due to its 12 sec suspended time in Devine Shield but have to know how to use it in a 12 sec bubble to regen mana and health in a dream state. Sells so so because most people not know how to use it. Finding rare recipes for pots right now a down right rare finds unless doing lots of dungeon instances to get them on rare drops.

As alchemist progress up in the 300+ lvls you stand a chance of learning whats called a "Discovery". Happens randomly when making pots of high level caliber and BAM! you learn a super rare alchemy Flask recipe, something like that. I have yet to learn a "Discovery" its random and unpredictable. I can conservatively say I've made over 2500 pots already, no discovery yet. And that's not for just leveling up alchemy, thats cranking up the alchemy machine and supplying all of Rexxar with pots and elixirs. That's how you spend hours in a time sink standing at AH, buying hundreds if vails, making pots and tracking the market for supply and demand with a bank vault cranked full of all kind of herbs in 20 slot stacks. I have Herbalism so often pic them myself, cleaper and better profit. Like i said i run Alchemy like a pharmaceutical company to keep Rexxar server pumped up and happy or all the twinks happy and the raiders. I'm not the only Alch around on my server, plenty out there. I just take Alch business seriously.

My major investments as a whole is basically finding rare recipes & a good shield always. This is where the saying comes from.. it takes money to make money. Well, it helps to have a bit in the first place sitting on it for a good investment or speculation. So far my Mercurial Stone hasn't sold to a Jewelcrafter at high level as yet. I keep it up eventually someone has to bite and buy. Chest and legging armor pieces those i don't skimp on when it looks good. Finding good armor for me right now is a total problem, i can't get good Intelligence plate armor, so i'm more spec like a total warrior in plate. Mana burn is something i do with efficiency and not waste in fights so i keep it buffed up with Alch pots for high intelligence stats when i need it.

A super fast 1H with good stats and a solid 2H hitter and a medium offensive weapon are all frequently on my list. I picked a new level 51 Blue medium speed polearm at 2.8 speed. Good with Crusader and SOR. Other than that I'm conservative on any investment. Have to thank Peter over at Peter's Blog, for the Hanzo Sword tip. This weapon is a killing machine for a protection pally with the recking bomb from renocking, i can't speak for other classes using it. I'm working on getting it enchanted with crusader. I rarely use weapons enchants, they are a money sinker for weapons unless at high level where you tend to keep epic weapons longer maybe till next upgrade.

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