Friday, September 12, 2008

Another WotLK Beta Key

Yesterday with all the other Beta invites that went out many others now received WotLK Beta Keys. My Beta invite came on my secondary WoW account which I had for some time.

But checking my mail I noticed my main WoW account had a email from Blizzard with another WotLK Beta Invite. Duhh. You know I'm not usually that lucky. My luck usually just not that good, especially for in game loot or progression. One Beta key is great, but and extra is rather Hot.

I've been sitting on that Beta Key trying to decide just what to do with it. I though maybe I give it away to another one of the WoW blogger who's blog I read, at least it can help their regular readers too. Some of them seem to have gotten invites as well. I though maybe have a blog reader key give away, but no fair way to do that off my head and be real fair to all readers. I though maybe give it away to someone in my guild maybe.

Hell haven't decided just what to do with it yet. So what to do with a extra Beta Key?

Edit: Gratz to Salud of The Holy Light for getting the Beta Key. I guess he's now in Beta.


Anonymous said...

"I though maybe I give it away to another one of the WoW blogger"

/raises hand


Having a contest is always good. This gives everyone a chance


Leiandra said...

I think there's just a lot of keys that went out. I was going to ask for one of yours for my wife (since all my non-raid time on wow is pretty much spent with her), but then another friend got a second one, so she's now in beta as well.

Hmm... maybe you can use it on your second account, create an alliance pre-made toon, and come join the blogger guild. lol

Galoheart said...

@Leiandra. Alliance premade would be on the PvP Beta server.

Your the first and only person all day since i put up the post that asked me for the Beta Key. Anyone could of stopped by the blog and asked kindly for it. And since i'm a good sport for a long time reader that also stopped by.

Yes you can have it. :)

I guess it pays to stop by every now and then.


I can either mail it to you or log on to your server and send you the Key info.

Christopher said...

Seems like a lot of keys went out over the past couple of days. However it may only be players in the US.

I'm in Australia and signed up for a key with my, my girlfriend's, and her brother's account, but no luck.

Also I was going to enter the Level 1 race today to win a beta key, but it's on Horde side of the server I play Alliance on. Talk about unlucky!

PS - Love your blog :)