Thursday, September 11, 2008

WotLK Beta: Patch 8926 Buffed!

This new Patch build looks and feels exciting. I'm excited to test things out and see how things play out. Spending points in Ret may have all different kinds of options depending on what changed in talents. Nice to have options and a bit of options at that.

The Devs are "Not" finished fixing these trees as yet. As GC did say they like to add a fun talent or two in bottom of the tree. That is not yet there as yet. But so far looks really exciting as of right now. Have to Test and Tell. Gonna be Fun times playing with the new talent changes and a Shield that deal royal amount of pain.

Read Lore's review piece of Patch 8926 over at Tankspot Here.

Off to Beta land.......



Anonymous said...

I agree with you that all the new changes are exciting but at the same time I am apprehensive about the overall amount of changes they are making to our class. I feel like in the near future we are going to have to totally relearn our whole class again.

The write up at Tankspot you linked is pretty much dead on with there conclusions on the changes and I do think Blizzard is at least moving in the right direction on the talent trees for us. I still hope for one more pass before release to fine tune our talents and stats. Especially the loss of some of the stamina talent modifiers worry me.

Keep up the great blog.


Galoheart said...

@wowtank101. Its not so bad learning the new tools. It shouldn't take that long to learn if your really used to specing and playing deep Protection.

The class is yet unfinished and only recently started getting looked at. So Paladins are still due to get passed over as well a fun talent or two in deep protection or some rework before all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

So.. what I want to know.. is have you found anything in Protection in the Beta that improves Pallies as off-tanks?

Galoheart said...

@nibuca. I'm not sure about tools that improves a Protec Paladin for Off Tanking specifically more so than Main tanking. Not many Paladin i know likes Off Tanking either.

Hand of Sacrifice helps as its transfer 30% damage to the caster for 12 sec. But that has a long cooldown at 2 mins for OTing.

Divine Guardian can possibly help for Tank OTing role in AoE situation where maybe the OT can soak the damage at 15-30% of all damage. Im thinking healer kinda want to know your doing that or risk getting blow up maybe or taking a big hit to health. Plus its cooldown is with DS so has a long cooldown for use as well.

Most the new or revise talent help the Protec Paladin tank be a better tank especially Hammer of the Righteous and Shield of Righteousness as far as threat and damage output tools. If a Pally was good at OTing before, no reason why he shouldn't be better at it now given the changes so far. I'm sure their are changes yet to come as well.