Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WotLK Beta: Some Gear Stat Shots.

This is my Tank gear and Stats in WotLK Beta and what I pretty much choose to quest and Tank in @ 76 with some Blue upgrades and crafted gear. All gear Enchanted pretty much with much the same Enchants like my tBC gear with a few exceptions for Strength as well as Potency on Weapon.

There is no intellect on any my gear. Grinding and Soloing I do just fine in my gear. Mana issues are very minimal having the new BoS. Mana gets even better with more avoidance. I'm not sure what all the QQing is about on the Beta Forums about missing Intellect on gear and not having enough Mana to play with.

I'm still 76 and just haven't had much time to play since the last patch went live which was last Friday. I only played for a hour or so the first time last night after work which wasn't much. But got some quests done in Sholazar Basin a new zone. I didn't have much time to focus on seeing what changed from last Beta build. What was obvious though was Seal of Corruption does less damage than before in the ticks and overall. ShoR is great with the BV change of Shield Spec increasing BV from Strength.

Mostly I grinded killing anything I saw. I had loaded on the addon Recount which now works. So wanted to see what damage looked like overall. So while on quests I was just AoEing everything in large pulls. SoL & BoS is just lovely! Never had to spend anytime drinking on lvl 76-77 mobs even when I pulled at least a dozen. For that it's all SoL & JoL, BoS takes care of mana at which point you really have no choice but to consecrate to drop you mana from just about max full. Why? Imagine how much hits you avoid with almost a dozen things trying to hit you, and everytime that happens BoS proc's. You have no choice but at a certain point to try and hit everything to burn mana. You can stop consecrating when you have less targets. It's just fun!

I noticed something grinding in masses. ShoR shaves a good chunk of health off a target mob and a bit more when it critts. Have to watch how you use it AoEing lots of mobs when the mob is below half health. You hit ShoR and mob dies in such instance, you loose your target if you didn't tab to next mob or did so fast enough where your now stopped auto attacking. Just something to watch for as ShoR can kill a mob before you realize it should be dead. Solution just tab to next target really fast. I have 580 BV in the gear I wear. That's a 1400 hit with ShoR. When it critts it's almost 3K. Mobs can sometime die before I realize it.

Edited: ShoR not ShotR


Jonathan said...

I know this is slightly off-topic, but I couldn't find an "email Galo" link anywhere. WowInsider has your picture on one of their articles today. Here is the webpage:
I'm sure I'd mess up the HTML there, so I didn't even attempt it for now

Galoheart said...

Thanks for being kind enough to let me know about the article and the link. Havent seen it yet so will have to see what it's all about. Thanks.

gt said...

Woah. Okay that dude above just did what I was about to do. I just checked wowinsider and I noticed Mike Schram being a screenshot thief. I hope they asked for permission. O.o If not give them hell!