Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WotLK Beta: Grouping with Other Classes.

So far with all the new class changes I've had a chance to run or group with some of all the classes though not all. I can't say I've being in a group with a Shadow Priest or a DPS Warrior usually. But All my groups are PuGs. I'm not apart of any guild in Northrend just liking to go it alone and do other things as i feel so instancing are all random groups and invites.

Most the classes from that are in tBC I'm pretty much used to. Some classes more than others in a 5 man group as a Protection just works much better with some classes than others. Its a bit different seeing a Shaman with wolfs along in a fight and wondering where they came from as the tank, as bit different that is. But most classes seem the usual. Rets seem to work well in a groups that I'm in but that's still hard to tell when you can be busy tanking and learning Dungeons and mob tactics.

Biggest class so far getting used to is probably with Death Knights because they are new and experiences are new with the class. Some Dungeons I've been in groups with 2 Rets for dps or one group I had 3 Death Knights a Hunter and a Priest. That's a bit different there with multiple of one class in a group of 5. Working with a good Death Knight seems fun with at least one DK in a 5 man group based on how my Paladin AoE works tanking.

Its has being sometime of a challenge sometimes AV Shield pulling a group of mobs then start heading towards the mob closing the distance only to have some DK Death Grip it from right where the mob was before I got to it and then having to run back to where I was. As the tank that has more than often being a bit annoying to deal with. Sometime I think of it ahead of time marked a Caster in a group, AV Shield the Caster and have the DK yank the mob from where it was pulling the rest of the group that was shielded. However, I still find this a bit annoying or annoying to deal with in however I decide to pull a group in more than one ways.

However I'm still getting used to being in groups with DK's as they do add a bit to a group as well as with buffs. Two DK in a group is bit much to deal with and three DK's though can seem like fun, to me is more of a challenge to deal with with all the uncontrolled AoE being tossed or spammed around in the groups that I've been in and sometime without regard to the target mob. One good DK in a group seems to work well with a balance of other classes in groups that I've tanked with beyond that its one DK to many for me as a usual 5 man group.

Their will be allot of DK's in WotLK and few will be really good at first learning the class or being as experienced as the other more well known classes. Many will have to learn to work with other classes in how they play. With so many new DK's can only hope they don't end up with some stigma like Hunters have in WoW learning to group and work with other classes.


Impadin said...

Interesting read, been wondering how the DK's would turn out. Sounds like they just nuke ahead.. :)
But as you mention, its problaly gonna be a mix of good and bad deathknights. But could very well turn out to be a class with a "huntard" mark on em.

Could you say something about ret mana regen to you and the grp ? That of any good ?

Chase said...


WHile not exactly a comment on this post I have a question regarding an earlier post. You said you rarely use consecration because with HotR it isn't really necessary to hold aggro. However, it seems that by not using it you are throwing away a passive ~200 dps on 1-4 targets. Is there another reason? I'd imagine with JoW and divine plea that mana isnt really an issue, or does it interfere with our new, more complex rotation? (seperate question, what is your new rotation with shield and hammer and Judgements on the GCD) Appreciate all the news from the beta

Galoheart said...


You may be missing what i'm trying to say a bit. When Soloing I barely use Consecration... unless i feel a need to. There is really no point just blowing mana just to blow mana and have down time. Unless i have maybe more than 4 or more mobs i do so as the your going to produce a lot more mana with more mobs stuck on you. If you have full mana its easy to just burn it off vs being at full mana. Point there being you can use it if you want. That's up to you and how you play.

Instancing: I've had no problem at all with threat or maintaining threat in a 5 man instance so far or with other players playing properly. You can use what ever spell you want to use. You can consecrate on 1 mob if that's what you feel you need to do. You can consecrate on 2 mobs if that's what you feel you need to do etc. You get the point.

So far I haven't had any problems in a 5 man instance with threat on 1-3 mobs just using HotR and being ahead on threat. If i feel i need to consecrate I consecrate. If i don't feel i need to I don't. Its that simple. Last thing I need is to have more down time from blowing mana when its unnecessary to do so.