Monday, September 15, 2008

Confirmed! WotLK in Stores 11/13/08

Title says it all. As of a few mins ago Blizzard own Corporate web page at has been updated with the WotLK release date picture. To be in stores November 13, 2008.

Where will you be that day???

Well I haven't used any vacation time at the JoB ALL Year long. Think I need to use some them days or loose it as they say.

Wooooot. Excited!!

Raiding for me at least is oficially dead, that may be different for you and your goals remaining. But for me it's all Dead. Afterall I'm in Beta as well. Rest of my time on live is working to finish up my reps to earn me another Title as a goal and the only goal left to work on. "Ambassador or Champion" sounds ideal. Time to work them undead reps when have time.

Thank goodness for Warhammer. Thank goodness for competition, so Blizz can get in gear to get stuff done vs "Its ready when we say it's Ready". Them Devs are gonna be working "Overtime" for 8 more weeks to get that product out on time. That is not a lot of time remaining.

My preorder has been in over 2 months ago at my local Game store. Yeah.

So where and what will you be doing November 13, 2008?? I'll be at my local Game Stop store at midnight. I've already preordered the collectors edition and they already told me they gonna be open as well.


Cowcontroll said...

I am gonna preorder it for sure, 13nov i will be hopefully be installing the game and downloading whatever new patches they've put in:) And i will be leveling with 3-4 IRL friends from back home, look forward to it:)

Atm i am helping a friend leveling his Shadow priest, and i am unsure if i should get another toon to lvl 70 before wotlk goes live^^,

Dakkar said...

HAHA! This is fantastic, I am trying to figure what disease I will have come 11/13. Maybe lepracy.....

I need to get in gear on my hunter, and my pally is going to farming and doing dailies like its her job! Woot! It is amazing how motivating a deadline can be!

Galoheart said...

"Woot! It is amazing how motivating a deadline can be!"

Yeap, sure is. Don't have much time either, clock is ticking.