Monday, September 22, 2008

WotLK Beta: Maintankadin & Beta Paladins Unite

Among all the leveling I did on the weekend working on getting to 80 took a break from leveling to get together with some of the Maintankadin and Beta Paladins for Paladins Unite.

Was really fun as well both Horde and Alliance Paladins in Beta getting together for some fun and group picture shots while we were all on the same server. We gathered in the Cave where I had seem Prince Arthas before.

Some of the Paladins I recognize some from the Maintankadin forum. Got to meet up with Honorshammer as well who was the most recognize Paladin to me since he's a community blogger who's blog I frequently read. We killed some time among all the lag and overall it was fun time which doesn't come around often. That's allot of pally power and plate all in one place.


Dakkar said...

So is that a Night Elf Paladin on the far right? :P

Galoheart said...

lol, No, just someone else on their NE enjoying the get together.