Friday, September 12, 2008

WotLK Beta: Beta Server

With all the new recent invites logging into WotLK Beta, the server is EXTREMELY Laggy!

Really it is. An instant cast spell can take up to 10 sec to cast it seem or more. Doesn't make doing anything that fun.


Suicidal Zebra said...

That is, regrettably, how the EU beta server has been since it's launch except during the hours of 1am to 10am. From a testing POV it's frustrating, but better for this to happen now then for the lag and server crashes to make it to Live.

Had a crack at the Premade PvP server yet?

Galoheart said...

No Premades are on a PvP server and usually for Testing of PvP.

I'm not much for PvP so i'm just finishing leveling up for the time I put into it. I'm actually having fun leveling up and testing out stuff as i go along or find interesting way to play with the new skills.

That allow me to show and tell what I find as I go through it. I find that rather fun vs just jumping to 80 for raiding. I'm just enjoying the fun of Beta really.

Galoheart said...

Well guess Murmur is not a PvP Beta Server where all the premades are. But haven't gone there though.