Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Screenshot WotLK Beta: Shield of Righteousness

I got to 75 and went and got trained with the new Shield of Righteousness (ShoR). Mana cost 187 with talents. So got back to Northrend to try it out.

Found mob, hit botton for ShoR. Wait to see my cool new Shield Slam. Umm, where is it, what happened. Didn't see anything. Ok, tried it again. Barely saw anything a quick flash of light off the shield, but i did see a cool 1097 hit with my 454 BV. Hmm lets try this again. So i zoomed in on shield as I hit button key. Ok I saw the Shield of Righteousness go off. Hmm. I wasn't wowed at all.

It happens so fast you can miss it. Shield is completely Silent! If i hit that button for ShoR you can barely even tell i ever did. Looks like a shield spell rising off of your shield real fast toward the target it seems. ShoR goes off so fast it took me over a dozen screenshots just to capture the images of it going off.

Totally Unimpressed with the Animation! For a Shield Slam its leaves much to be desired in the graphic animation. Damage nice though. I say this thing need some graphic animation work. Even Hammer of the Righteous though need graphic animation work as well is more impressive in animation that ShoR.

My first ShotR Crit at 200% value. All of ShotR hits appear to be consistent withmy 454 BV in my current gear all hits are consistent at 1096-1097.


Hammerjudge said...

I've wondered about the spell animations a lot too. DKs get amazing graphics treatment, whilst Paladins just don't look as flash. I really, really think we should get fancy graphics too just for the bling. It's sad for DKs to shine so much.

Karl said...

But with the complete nerf to mana regen, is prot actually the way to level now?..

Seems that Blizz doesn't want Ret in the game at all, as they gave insane damage, and the took it all back, and killed mana in the process.

I guess I'll wait until Wrath comes, and buy the BS green tanking set, and level as prot, but the extreme nerfage that seems like things are actually worse than live now almost want to make me delete this pally.

But I need a miner, so I guess I'll keep him. Way to destroy ret pallys Blizz. Way to go...

Galoheart said...

@Karl. You can should be able to lvl just fine as a Retribution spec. And from what i been hearing Rets can lvl fine for the most part. As far as I know Rets can instance just fine and with mana. Seem allot of the changes affecting Rets with mana have to do with endgame Raiding.

However I really can't speak otherwise for Instancing as a Ret since I don't play or level as a Ret spec.

Rets are also lvling faster than a Protec Spec also as well. So if your aim is to lvl fast in WotLK then its Obvious to maybe level as a Ret and switch back to whatever spec you like at some point.

Mining seem will be big and profitable in WotLK but thats best I can guess also have a nice buff as well.

@Hammerjudge. Yes Death Knight gets some very cool spell animations and graphics. Much better than Paladins.