Friday, September 5, 2008

WotLK Beta: Just DPS as Protection.

At lvl 76 and at around 1500 AP in Stamina/Strength/Defense Rating gear. It looks nice to critt when I do. 9/10 times I 'm using Seal of Corruption. Other times SoW, SoL. SoR sometime just on Single targets to see what it will do. A Protection leveling in Retribution gear which have much higher AP should do much more DPS I would think.
At lvl 76. Also BoS mana amount return can vary depending on Intellect which affect total mana for the proc.
At lvl 75. Holy Shield currently does not scale with AP just SP. So how much it hits for depends if wearing SP gear pieces or not. JoC critts again are nice while dpsing leveling.

At lvl 75. Seal of Light and Judgement of Lights scales with AP/SP. Seal proc around that much, more as your AP goes up as well. At lvl 76 my Seal of Light hit can be just short of 600 heals. Get a AP buff and it gets much better all around for the Seal or DPS. Would be nice if can have BoS was non Blessing Self buff and can have BoM up instead. That would be nice DPS for a Protection Spec leveling or just all around while being able to have mana from BoS. We will have to see what happens with BoS in the end in Beta.

Again killing stuff is not too bad leveling as Protection Spec. Better than it used to be and compared to live as of current Beta Patch 8885.


Megan said...

Ok, so from a practical standpoint, if I wanted to LVL my Pally as Protection from 70-80, I'd fair better in PVP Ret Gear instead of the stuff I use for tanking instances/raids?

No need to go too deep into the answer, beta is still changing alot.

Rohan said...

Yes. Prot with Ret gear is lots of fun. However, Blizzard may be re-itemizing some gear (prot warrior/paladin, enhance shaman) to reflect the changes.

Galoheart said...

Yes Protection leveling in Ret gear. As of current Beta build due to Retribution gear stats.

Justin said...

so attack power is more valuable than spell power to prot paladin dps in beta then?